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Good creative gift for a one year old girl?

Asked by moon_under_water (37points) June 4th, 2010

my best friend’s baby is turning 1 soon. i want to get her something interesting and quirky that she’ll like – everything i can think of is best suited to an older kid. thanks.

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wrapping paper, colorful tissue and a bow or two.

My daughter was always far more interested in those at one than what was the actual gift.

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Make her a sandbox with a lid.

Another option is to make a sensory play table. Get a tub, decorate it. Then buy several large bags of beans or rice to fill it with. Then get fun things to pour, funnel, find and interact with the beans. Try to find a tub with a lid and put her name on it.

Sensory development in toddlers

Sensory play table ideas

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Make a CD of fun or happy songs. I’m doing this for my nieces, and I’m making a little lyrics book to go with. I’m including things like Puff the Magic Dragon, Catch a Falling Star, The Banana Boat song, Splish Splash, etc. Sort of fun classics rather than just “kiddy” songs.

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@gemiwing What a fantastic idea! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of these “sensory” tables before. It’s so simple and awesome. I’m making one for my son, pronto. Love it!

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A ball.

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@gemiwing: wouldn’t beans be a potential choking hazard?

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@Val123 Lol.

@hannahsugs They could use lots of things if she’s not ready for beans. Cheerios.

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Honestly, I would buy a present for the parents. Address the package to the child, but buy a gift for the parents.

Get them a nice picture frame to use for their baby’s photos.

Or a bottle of wine. I gave a couple of bottle of wine one time, and it was much appreciated. I also included a condom which got lots of laughs.

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Make the wrapping etc interesting so she’ll want it and get her a toy. Or a doll. Something little girls love!

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Soft blocks.

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Get her a savings bond and a balloon.

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