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Do you like more the sunsets or the sunrises?

Asked by Christian95 (3258points) June 4th, 2010

Both are very beautiful,very calming but I like more the sunsets because I always see incredible shadows on the clouds and I also see the star and all that makes me feel small and I feel that cosmological feeling Einstein was talking about.And it also makes me wanna have someone near me.
What about you?

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Luv the transition into darkness.

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sunrises have this fantastic energy of beginning.

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I never see the sunrise. I’m always asleep when it happens; I’d prefer not to be up at that hour. :)

I’ve seen many sunsets and they are just beautiful. This and this are pictures of a sunset in San Diego that I took last July. There’s just something about them. (And I missed the best part when the sun was right at the horizon).

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Sunsets. I’m too busy in the morning to notice many sunrises. I prefer the aurora borealis to either one.

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Sunrise, but only if I’m getting up early, not so much when I’ve stayed up all night..

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sunrises are nice and atmospheric, but sunsets are far more varied and profound aesthetically.

One thing on my checklist of things to do pretty soon is go out to the Moroccan desert, take acid and watch the sun set… with the added bonus of seeing the Milky Way and all the stars once it’s dark.

So far though, the best sunsets (most striking illumination of clouds, sky gradient etc.) I have yet observed have been over the Rhône Valley (like 1 2) in France (photos taken from Cairanne) and the Chiana Valley in Tuscany (like 1), yeah that’s me, look at those beautiful colours! (photo taken from Cortona)

Obv photos can never do it justice… =}

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Sunsets. I collect them from all over the world in my memory.

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Sunsets. Definitely.

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Sunrise gets you up with a beautiful start. BUT sunsets tall you that you’ve just ended a beautiful day.

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Sunrise is so beautiful too, but I too prefer that transition into darkness. Beautiful.

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Sunset. Especially when the sky is red, because it means the next day is going to be fantastic!

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Sunsets. The shade of blue that the sky becomes right before it gets really dark is one of my favourite colours.

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From what I’ve heard of sunrises they sound pretty neat, but I’m not sure when I’ve seen one. Hve to go with sunsets particularly over the Gulf from the deck of the Marina Grill in Dunedin.

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@janbb Try one sometime. The sky goes from black to very very dark blue, and then lighter blues and the changes through a variety of colors. Sunrise to me is like the sky is moving, you can see the bend in the universe. Hard to describe.

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@janbb Yeah, a friend of ours lives in Clearwater…
one great thing about the Gulf coast is sunsets over the sea…

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I specifally stay up to see the sunrise. One of the most beautiful events in the world.

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I live on the ocean, so that moment when day breaks from night is really special. But, the sunsets over the sound are breathtaking as well. I’ve only been here ten years…ask me in another ten. Maybe I’ll have my preferences in check.

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I couldn’t possibly choose. The sunrise has a clean Zen aspect that I appreciate a lot, but I do love the colors of sunset, and the BBQ.

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Sunrise because I’m the only one up that early so it’s all mine. Sit on my patio with a cup of coffee and my pups, good times. Great way to start my days.

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Gadzooks! It has to be sunset. You have to get up way too early to catch a sunrise.—Hard to do when you did not get to sleep until 2am. :-p

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Where I live, sunrises begin as early as 04:00. Sunsets begin as early as 16:00 and end as late as 22:45. I tend to see and appreciate many more sunsets. I am not a morning person!

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Once my husband and I set the alarm to drive to the beach and see the sunrise on January first. Afterwards we went back home, ate breakfast and went back to sleep.

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umm.. i think i like it more when i watch the sun go down. something beautiful. Then you get to see the stars and the dark blue pigment. its beautiful. the colors the sun makes when its coming up are amazing but i guess i’m just more of a night person anyways.

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I love both. I actually stop what I’m doing and enjoy sunrise more often than sunset, unless I’m at the shore. I love the coolness of the early morning.

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I love sunrise…...because sunset gets me sad and sunrise gets me a lot of positive energy….

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Sunsets. If I see a sunrise, it means I’ve stayed up all night. Like tonight.

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SUNRISE because It feels like a brand new day, fresh, and amazing to start again.

I love Sunsets, but I enjoy sunrises more.

Sunsets are more romantic to me :)

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I’ll have to say sunset as I see a lot more of them than sunrises.

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The colors in a sunset came be striking, Sunrise seems more gradual. I’m going with sunset.

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I appreciate the beauty of a sunset more then a sunrise just because I’m not much of a morning person. I also love a good moonrise. The harvest moons this time of year can be absolutely amazing to see rise.

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Hmm. Sunrises or sunsets? Well, you know something, it’s just so hard deciding on such things sometimes. I suppose it’s just easier to pick the twilight just before…the night, yep. At least that’s an easy one to know. Huh?

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I love sunrises. I just need to get off my lazy butt and see more of them.

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