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How to deal with a coworker with terrible handwriting?

Asked by ParaParaYukiko (6111points) June 4th, 2010

A coworker at my summer job is really nice and a good worker, but she has absolutely horrible handwriting. We do a fair amount of writing here at the store, and sometimes certain business transactions are made very difficult due to being unable to read something she wrote.

All of my other coworkers and superiors agree that her handwriting needs to improve, but no one seems to have done anything about it in the three summers she has worked here. I went to high school with this girl, we are about the same age. Even though we aren’t really friends exactly, I wouldn’t feel that comfortable talking to her about this issue.

So I’m wondering: Should I say something to her? Give her some hint that she needs to improve her handwriting? The coworker is around 19 years old and a great worker otherwise. Any suggestions?

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Just tell her “I can’t read your handwriting could you try to make it a little more legible? I know I’m going to screw something up because I miss read what you have written all the time. Thanks for helping me.”

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Consider asking her to print rather than write.

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Send her to med school?

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A superior should bring this up. I have bad handwriting due to a physical but not that noticeable disability and I think it’s best for someone who can handle this with sensitivity

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@ParaParaYukiko I agree with @hug_of_war let a manager deal with this issue.

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As a co-worker but not a friend, you are not in a strong position to influence her to change. If her hand writing presents a problem for you to do your job, return it to her so she can do whatever is required so you can do your job. If she refuses, speak to your manager and ask her or him to help you solve this problem.

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This is a management problem and should be handled by management. You should not approach a coworker about something that is causing a problem within the business; that’s a manager’s job. Talk to your manager about it.

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Thanks for your input everyone. Several managers have said they will talk to this coworker about her handwriting (seriously, it’s chicken scratch), but no one seems to have done that yet. I guess I’ll just deal with it in the meantime. Oh well.

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