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What's a good day planner/calendar program to remind you of your day's appointments, etc.

Asked by ETpro (34480points) June 4th, 2010

I am looking for a program to launch at start up on a Windows machine that will remind me of the day’s appointments, must do projects, etc. Sort of a great secretary always there when I walk into my home office to get me aimed at what needs doing. Plus points would be flexibility for calendar functions, look ahead reminders, organizer, day planner, exportability of files (CSV?) and reasonable pricing.

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Thunderbird 3 + Lightning. or Sunbird.

They meet all the criteria, and are totally FREE.

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Ical is the best Ive ever used and ive tried a few

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@the100thmonkey & @plethora Thanks. I will check them out.

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I’ve been through a million PIM’s. The very best solution I’ve found is the combination of my G1 Google phone synced up with Google Calendar & Contacts. They sync immediately and I couldn’t live without the combo.

Never thought I could live with an online calendar, but after using the Google apps, I am definitely convinced. Not to mention I enjoy the comfort of the online backup.

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Google Calendar for me.

Every morning I receive an agenda via email.

It also texts my phone an hour before each appointment. Then I have pertinent names, addresses, phone numbers and notes at hand.

Texting or not texting, emailing or not emailing, public or private…everything is entirely customizable.

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Yeah it’s cool!

I’ve tried the iPhone/iCal combo, but it doesn’t offer all the options, and I just can’t stand iCal.

The only problem I’ve found with the Google/Android combo, is that every new email from new people automatically gets put into my contacts. I wish I could turn that off. There are a few workarounds, but it can get tedious. Otherwise it’s the best for me.

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Oh, and I do wish that the Google Calendar offered a 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month view. Currently limited to one month view and under.

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@jaytkay & @RealEyesRealizeRealLies Thanks. I hadn;t even considered online apps. I work from my home office so rarely need to forward things to my cellphone, but I would find that immensely cool if my work took me out and about often.

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I do not, and do not want to use an electronic calendar. I use a Franklin Covey day planner. All of the information in it will never be lost.

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I’d say use your regular old cell phone with a loud reminder tone. Planners get lost and mixed in with the other paperwork and stuff. An instant reminder an hour or a few minutes before the event works wonders for me! just keep the phone clipped to your side or place it near your work area

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It’s nice to meet with a client on location or at their office, schedule the appointment right then, and have it backed up immediately. I can even take deposits via credit card on the Android.

It really helps to push the job along and get the clients to commit.

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I use a Day-Timer Day Planner.

I have tried various electronic/computer calendars and none of them are as easy to use as this calendar notebook and a pencil.

While co-worker’s are scrolling frantically through their I-phone apps, I have located the information and handled the issue.

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Thanks, everyone. Great ideas. @RealEyesRealizeRealLies you make a great point about on-site meetings. I like those too, because they are a great way to zero in on what a business needs to communicate on its website.

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Yes I’m sure. Gotta really know the routine though when dancing the hand held tech in front of the clients. Otherwise you’ll be caught “scrolling frantically” as @Merriment points out. Took a minute to learn the routine. But it’s also cool to be able to actually record the meetings as well, all with one device.

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“Active Desktop Calendar” is brilliant, simple to use (therefore you will actually use it) works with Google Calendar too! I think

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@lootl Ooh! That Google integration is interesting. I wonder what potential shortcomings of Google Calendar it overcomes.

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I wonder if it could be tied in to your clients web sites as some form of back end option. For instance, attorneys could use the web as an interface to check the availability of their associates, or post their schedules to assistants and clients. Some public and some private options of course. Treat it like a Joomla interface with an events calendar.

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ADC is perfect for us, Google Calendar is not as intuitive, Everything in our family’s diaries, tasks, etc; pop onto the desktop when needed! We use it to remind us of bill payments, appts, tasks, we use layers, i.e. Weather, school lunch menu, holiday dates – and when our daughter enters something on her iPod touch calendar, it appears on my desktop, so i know what she is up to! Think you can try it for free too! Hope this helps!

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies That is a great suggestion. I will look into that after I get it set up.

@lootl Thanks for the tips. I am downloading the trial version now.

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