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What Are Russell Brand's Beliefs?

Asked by PacificToast (1610points) June 4th, 2010

I know he’s getting married to Katy Perry, whose parents are both Evangelical Christian pastors, and was given their blessing. But I’m having a hard time finding what his religious beliefs are. And because I’m the nosy public, I’d like to know.

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I don’t know. I know he is a former alcoholic and had a long flirtation with heroin addiction, drugs and debauchery. He has been clean and sober now for over 7 years. It is quite possible that a religious conversion helped him manage that transformation.

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@ETpro Wow, this is what he looks like clean and sober? Jesus.

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My impression was that his main belief was this “I’m awesome, a gift from God, and you should beg to be in my presence (and if you are a woman, beg to suck me off).”

Course, Katy Perry has sorta abandoned her parents beliefs, so their blessing may be more about wanting their daughter to be happy than his beliefs matching up with theirs.

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He has made numerous jokes and shots at religion and christians, so I doubt he is very religious.

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He was on a talk show I saw and made fun of himself. I like how he looks and that accent- yum.

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@papayalily Some other aspects of his awesomeness. He suffers from bipolar disorder and has fought bouts of bulimia (rather a rare affliction for a man) and self inflicted injury. Knowing that tends to put a damper on any boasts of outshining Apollo.

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I think I remember reading that he follows the Bahá’í faith.

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Who are Russell Brand and Katy Perry?

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@ETpro I’m familiar with his history. Most people who do think they’re that awesome are riddled with self-loathing deeper down in their psyche. That doesn’t mean it’s any more attractive when try to escape that feeling by acting like they are superior to Ra, the Sun God.

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Just say no to stalking….no good can come from it, and to be honest, it’s more than a little creepy.

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pretty left leaning, liberal type comedian.

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@cheebdragon How the hell is this stalking? The question asks about the religious beliefs of a celebrity. Not exactly creepy.

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He always seemed like a smug douchbag to me. I’m pretty sure the only thing he worships is himself.

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