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Who should pay for the car's dent?

Asked by astrojams1 (149points) June 4th, 2010

persons A, B, and C are graduate students at an elite university.
person A owns a car.
person A never uses car (doesn’t have a driver’s license).
persons B and C used his car.
person B used it exclusively for 2 months.
person C used it for 1 year.
person C dented the car.
person C has no money.
persons A and B have a six-figure salary.
person A wishes to sell the car.

who should pay for the dent?

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C is responsible for the damage. He should pay. Since he can’t, A gets screwed from helping friends out.

As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

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Who has insurance? Or person C who did the damage. Borrow the money, take responsibilty.

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Well, the way I understand it the car is insured. So if insurance is going to pay, it is probably person A’s insurance. However, it seems right that C would step up and pay. Maybe a compromise would be C agreeing to pay any deductible that will not be covered by insurance, if there is one. Even if it is just $50 a month. Although, sounds like A lets people use his car too readily. Maybe it is a lesson for him.

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Depends on who did the dent. If it was a matter of the dent just showed up one day because someone hit it in the parking lot than person A should be responsible.
Person A isn’t totally innocent. Sounds like he or she wanted a chauffeur and got the services they wanted. Who gets a car and then doesn’t plan to drive it. They must have insurance on the car and so it goes to A. It would be the same if he left it sitting in the street and someone hit it. Doesn’t matter who drove it.
Now if the dent was caused by a person B or C because they where being reckless, than they should pay off the deductable as JLeslie suggested.
But just because they borrow it as payment for driving A around and some one hits the car doesn’t mean anything.
As a driver, when I loan my car out, I have insurance on my vehicle that covers uninsured drivers I may allow to drive my car. Thats what its for. If A doesn’t have insurance on his car. A is an idiot.

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The insurance company.

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Should is a fantasy world. Should is a world apart from reality. Forget Should.

Here’s the reality: A owns the car. A wants to sell the car. A has the money to fix the dent. A is who is going to pay to fix the dent. And unless there is some sort of proof that C is the person who dented the car, A is legally responsible for dent.

I’m not sure why A had a car he wasn’t going to drive – presumably, some chauffeur services, and those normally come with a “you drive but I’m still responsible for the car” agreement – but here’s a life lesson: don’t ever lend anything out you aren’t willing to loose completely.

So here are A’s choices: Get up on his high horse and insist C pay for the dent (and presumably not sell the car or sell the car for a lot less). Seeing as how C has no money, and A has no way to make C give him the money, that could take a very long time. Continuing into the grave, in fact. Or, A can suck it up, pay for the dent himself, and reap the benefits of selling the car.

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@papayalily : i believe you mean “get off his high horse.”

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C. I don’t know about legally, but in terms of not being a weasely jackass, C should pay.
Why should B even be in this equation?
If C has no money, maybe he shouldn’t have been driving someone else’s car without taking care of the insurance part. I guess they don’t teach personal responsibility at elite grad universities?

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@jca Nope I mean get up on high horse. Really, a higher horse than he is already on. Say things like “it’s the principle of the matter”.

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The one who did the damage pays for it.

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