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How tall can dwarfs get to grow?

Asked by RexCredo (142points) June 5th, 2010

I’ve seen tall people with dwarf features and I’ve been wondering if dwarfness only relates to height or if it, indeed, relates to other mental or physical factors. What’s the tallest dwarf registry so far?

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There are over 200 different kinds of dwarfism. Some types you can’t even tell people have. So to answer your question some dwarves can be taller than you, others, shorter than you.

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I think @judochop got it in one.

I heard about a story of a man who was diagnosed with dwarfism and was very short until the age of approx. 30 then he had a major growth spurt and grew to 7 foot tall. May not be entirely relevant but I found it entirely interesting.

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@judochop One wonders how one can even think to diagnose the sort of dwarfism that doesn’t look like dwarfism.

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