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What is the largest armpit of stupidity on the Internet?

Asked by SmashTheState (13357points) June 5th, 2010

All media tend to produce strange attractors for mouthbreathing idiocy; television has Glen Beck and America’s Funniest Home Videos, radio has Opie and Andy and Rush Limbaugh, newspapers have The National Inquirer and People. The Internet, however, seems to possess more concentrations of slackjawed stupidity than any other medium I’ve ever experienced.

In your opinion, what forum is the absolute deepest pit of ignorance and stupidity? And, more to the point, why do you believe stupidity has been drawn there?

(In answer to my own question, I would have to point to Yahoo!Answers as the most astonishing concentration of dumb ever to have existed on the Internet—quite a feat, given its competition from such sites as Eagle Forums and Stormfront.)

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Conservapedia comes to mind, then there are the comments sections of various news sites, like Fox news and ABC, which are basically crawling with right wing extremists.

Then there is 4chan, cesspool par excellence.

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I can’t even read comments on YouTube or AOL news anymore. The stupid… It burns…

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4-chan. Something Awful. Any place populated by closed-minded, right-wing political & religious fundamentalists.

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4chan. It’s where stupidity breeds and originates. And then it spreads to YouTube comments, and then to the comments section of news sites, both respectable and not, and then to all comments sections ever. And pretty soon, you’re at lunch with your aunt hearing her spout all these things you’ve been hearing on the internet, and you realize you should stop accusing people of being trolls just because they insist Obama is a Keyan Pinko Nazi.

I would disagree with AFHV being about stupidity. I think it’s more about life being full of laughs if you know where to look (and about people trying to do things to get on the show, but it’s definatly no Glenn Beck). And People is sooo much better than actual tabloids, it may not be Time or Rolling Stone, but it does have a distinct lack of cover stories on Bat Boy.

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”...why do you believe stupidity has been drawn there?”

Because I’ve taken the liberty of setting up Stupid Magnets all over the web. Yes, I’ll take the credit for gathering all the stupid into their respective clusters. I should have charged for the service, but I’m trying to earn my way into heaven.

I learned this Stupid Magnets trick from the Gnats. Yes, I have much to be thankful to the great Gnat for. You see, I grew tiresome of swatting at gnats. As soon as one fell, another would arise in its place. I swat and swat, but ultimately only end up hitting myself. The Gnat roars in laughter.

It occurred to me that the great Gnat was buzzing me for a reason. I must have something that attracts the great Gnat. I must somehow be soiled with funkrot. How could this be? I showered and shaved, clipped my nails and brushed my tooth. Alas the Gnat remained, taunting me, like a thousand miniature whining Kamikaze violins. What could I do?

They must have been after my nourishing sweet nectar, and not an illusory funkrot after all. So, I proceeded to sacrifice one prime grape from the vineyard, and squishing it open, I set it aside for them to devour. My plan proved positive, for the Gnats soon abandoned their lust for me, and surrounded the new juicy loot.

Gathering them up, by their own accord, I simply swept them aside. Such will be the fate of all who fall prey to my Stupid Magnets. Don’t bother to thank me. Just watch your step friend.

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I just discovered It’s ridiculous.

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Celine Dion appreciation society, closely followed by Sarah Jessica Parker is gorgeous & in no way resembles a pony. Not genuine websites but probably closer to the truth than i’d find permissable.

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Definitely 4chan.
When you get a website that can be summarized with “you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy” and “defenders of the Internets, and offenders of everything else”... you know it’s a mess.
It’s hard to explain it without you going to the site.
With that said, it’s 100000000% not NSFW, not for the easily offended, and the /b/ board is the best summary of the site. So explore if you wish.. but it’s not my fault.

Hell, they hacked into the TIME website last year and fixed the votes so moot founder/god would be #1 on their 100 most influential people list. and ended up fixing it in a few other ways. video here

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4chan, definitely. Any place that single handedly spawns pretty much every retarded online meme you can think of like a Capcom employee coughs out Megaman games can’t….goddammit. Haha.
But really I don’t know. 4Chan is ancient, and has obtained attention from everyone for years, and pretty much gives Encyclopedia Dramatica its reason to exist. Somewhere, it’s gotta be doing something right, unless we’re going through the everyone thinks everyone is stupid issue, (Yet everyone is everyone to everyone else.) which happens online, everywhere all the time. Reminds me of when people go to elegant dinners and parties and everyone will check out the wine bottle, the year, where it was made and all and act like they’re some kinda wine connoisseur, but really they have no idea what the hell they’re reading on the label and will just end up wasted at the end of the night either way.

When I view stupidity though, I don’t always see someone with very little education or knowledge, someone illiterate or whatever other political correctness that you like, but rather raving fanboys who have lost all reason, which is what 4chan is about. It’s probably the biggest example of idiocy online, but I’m sure it ain’t the only one. But it’s comportments rather than what a place is about, in the end…unless I assume that all Sephiroth fans never finished school, which is quite a lame assumption.
Youtube comments were also mentioned…hahaha what a load of crap. Seriously if you’ve never read anything on there, do it for a laugh. If you can make out the horrendous spelling, anyway.

Anyways, I really have no right to say any of this. I’m syaing 4chan sucks because I can’t stand online memes, raving fanboysim and furries. I’m totally biased. But really, this just makes me as lame as them, as most of it is harmless, and if I’m so much smarter than everyone there, their bullshit won’t affect me, and so there’s no reason for me to condemn it. I’m just a freak of a different breed. At least I’m a freak who can spell a whole sentence without including some online slang or lingo into it though.

With that said, my pick is the forums. E fucking gads.

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ANUS’s metal section
If you’re going to be a Metal elitist, at least acknowledge the fact that Cianide (sic that’s the band’s name) is NOT a fucking “grindcore/black metal band”, you goddamn morons. Anyone who has even the faintest knowledge of extreme metal would know they are death/doom. Huge difference.
Yahoo answers is a runner up

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World of Warcraft

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Uncyclopedia… it’s truly ridiculous, case in point:

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Because sometimes, you need some stupid in your life.

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way to wax the selfless plug. nice maneuvering.

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@dynamic3 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA kitten huffing. when are we going to try kitten bowling do you know anyone with a kitten? video here

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Youtube, dear god, the comments hurt my soul.

Lately even places I have found that were smart once, are now crawling with half-truths, blatant racist bullshit and people using a lot of the ‘my aunt’s best friend’s cousin’s brother’ arguments. I used to like Huffington Post comments- now? I think ripping my toenails out, pouring hot saltwater on the open wounds and then sawing them off and eating them for dinner would be more bearable than reading a lot of the comments.

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4Chan. 100%

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