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What's the best way to study for a math exam? I'm having problems with questions that seem misleading.

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) June 5th, 2010

I really need advice, because maths is not my thing, and I have the major exam coming up soon. Although I finished revising, I need to be sure I will succeed.

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What is you exam on? Best thing to do is to keep studying and doing practice problems.

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I’m not quite sure what you mean by “revise”. The wording on math problems is often intentionally tricky, also they frequently give information that is irrelevant to the solution. The best way to approach this is first to determine exactly what the question is asking for, then carefully look at the information supplied with an eye toward which method or formula will get to the desired answer. In studying, do all the practice problems you can find, concentrating on methods you feel least confident at performing.

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Work the problem backwards.

Look at what answer you need to figure, then extract the data needed to do the calculation, and ignore the rest, it will be less confusing that way

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First of all, get off the computer.

Second of all, practice practice practice. Do practice problems. Do them until your face turns blue and then do them some more.

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If you have time, get The Art of Problem Solving. I’ve heard time and time again how excellent it is in helping your sort out math problems.

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Seems the best way to study for a math exam is to do practice questions. You might as well get used to misleading questions, life is full of them.

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Study groups. Explaining problems and solutions is one of the best way to learn the deeper stuff like math or physics.

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