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How can I find out about warnings and reviews concerning medical equipment, especially pacemakers?

Asked by Brian1946 (25010points) June 5th, 2010

My MIL is a prospective pacemaker recipient, and I’d like to ensure that she gets a good one.

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Ask her cardiologist’s nurse for the make and model number the doctor is planning to use. Then you can google for ratings and comments. I can’t imagine any reputable and board-certified cardiologist or cardiac surgeon would use any device that was problematical

My mother just had hers replaced. The device is tailored to the actual heart problem. One size does not fit all. Hers was manufactured by Medtronics. The new one (the size of a match book) will allow my mother’s heart to keep beating until she is 105.

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As @gailcalled said, the best thing to do is ask the cardiologist which pacemaker they will be using and then researching that particular one. There are several companies currently making pacemakers and each company has a few different models. Once the pacemaker is inserted, your MIL will have a card to carry around at all times that has the product information on it. You should also have that information written down somewhere as well (along with anyone else that may be with her in an emergency).

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