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What is a good office/desk chair?

Asked by asawilliams (368points) June 5th, 2010

I’m looking for an office chair that is comfortable and stylish. This will be used in my home office where I mostly work on my computer. I don’t want one of those cheapo Office Max high back leather chairs, but I also dont want to spend over a $1,000. I have tried the mesh style chair but not sure if I like them. What brand or specific chair do you recommend?

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It really varies from person to person. My husband and I went to the store (I think it was Staples) and sat in all the chairs they have. We each picked the chair that was most comfortable for us (which were different chairs). Neither of the chairs have a label on them, so I’m not sure which brand they are. Best thing to do is go to an office supply or furniture store and test out all the chairs they have available.

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This is cliché but I’d recommend the Herman Miller Aeron. I’m completely happy with it and they are very solid and last forever—which is why you can probably pick one up used. Just check eBay or Craigslist from time to time until you find one that’s your size and meets your budget (I bet you could probably get one for $500–600).

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A Spinalis Basic. The seat is articulated so it moves in a way similar to sitting on an swiss ball. It is very comfotablee and good for your back. Bit pricey though.

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Herman Miller Aeron.

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Steelcase Uno is my pick. Low price from a good brand, I’ve been comfortable spending 4+ hours in it at a time. The rails along the sides help make slouching to the side pretty comfortable. The plastic arm rests are soft touch, like an Audi.
The Aeron always felt like too much chair for me and a bit awkward to lean forward in.

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I got one from my office closing for $20. Look for those business closings.

Citi where I work has $900 chairs.

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I agree – Herman Miller Aeron

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It’s one of those things that’s personal. You have to go and sit in chairs to find one that works for you.

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@asawilliams – I also recommend the Herman Miller Aeron. I’m sitting in one now in the home office and have had one at work going on 16 years now. Glorious. Can’t say enough. Beyond classic.

1.) Be sure to get the right size! Up under the back lip there are little brail dots:
– 1 dot = size A
– 2 dots = size B
– 3 dots (in a triangle) = size C

There are some HUGE custom jobbers too. There are also quite a few different arm configurations – maybe ~20. There is also a lumbar support pillow option. So if comparing prices online, you may be comparing apples to, well… sliced apples.

2.) Check out the Herman Miller Mirra too. They are a bit cheaper, crazy colors, and they have some diddly-do about “90%” recycled (if that tickles your fancy.) I have never sat in one, mind you, but they look similar. I was stunned recently by their marvelously not-black colors.

Otherwise the Aeron is a guaranteed slam-dunk.

Good luck!

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I love Recaros (they make sports car seats too) but they’re more than $1000. Here’s a knock-off for $679

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