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If you hide someone on your Facebook news feed, can you still see their other activity, such as liking or commenting on a post?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21462points) June 5th, 2010

From time to time, I hide people for various reasons. There’s someone hidden now that I realized I haven’t seen any “liking” or whatnot in a long time.

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No, you can’t see any of their activity. The only thing you can still use is private message.

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Thanks.. I looked all through FB for this answer and couldn’t find anything!

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I thought I was seeing someone whom I had hiidden’s comments and “likes” on some else’s posts.

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Yes, you will see if they comment on one of your posts or someone elses. You just won’t see their status updates in your news feed. You can still go to their wall and see their status updates though.

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I believe that @JLeslie is right. I stand corrected.

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No, if you HIDE someone, you want see his updates or anything on the New Feed, but if you go to the user profile you will see it or if this person is active on your own wall.

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If you hide someone from your newsfeed, you won’t see their status updates, comments, photo posts, etc. on your homepage. The only activity you’ll see from them is if they had activity on your own page (comment, post, like, etc), or if you actually go to their page, you can see what they do. It’s not the same as blocking, but it keeps those who spam newsfeeds with ridiculous amounts of daily activity at bay.

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