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Programming practice "assignments" ?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) February 17th, 2007
I've recently realized that without constant work with a language, I'll forget it at a rapid rate. Are there any websites that have assignments or projects that are meant for practicing a programming language? {C++, Flash, Java, JavaScript}
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MIT has their whole curriculum open, so you can look at actual classes:
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But I think the best idea is to start a fun side project for yourself--anything you thing would be really fun--and just do that. Don't worry about actual assignments or concepts, those will come back as you need them.
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For example, make yourself a website that plans and manages your shopping list, or make a program that predicts the optimal time to do your wash--it doesn't matter as long as you're into it. The best way to become and maintain yourself as a good programmer is just to work on things that excite you.
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Actually, I believe this is true in general for education. It's better to have real motivation... e.g., Write a letter to the editor instead of just writing an essay for some random homework. But especially if you're "on your own," I think you'll have the most success with some kind of "real world" project.
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I'd like to add that you can find a non-profit or other agency or organization that you support that needs help with a website or mailing list. Offer to do some design/programming for them for free. Good Karma, and all that.
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there are millions of open-source projects you can participate in, check out

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I recently programmed a calculator for physics functions in java to better understand both physics AND java.

Took me a while and required some innovative problem-solving (and I was nerdy enough to enjoy it.)

Try that kind of thing if the opportunity arises.

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EDIT: that was a bit misleading… more like I made a calculator-type program… no hardware was involved. (bear with me, I’m kind of OCD and had to correct myself).

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