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Does this girl like me?

Asked by avenger3600 (9points) June 5th, 2010

i was in this girl’s sixth and seventh grade class before, and back then I used to get them looks from her . and then one time I helped the teacher collect materials from all the students desks and I had went by hers and I had asked can I get the stuff for the teacher, and she just froze she just watched me for a good few seconds straight and then she said that she gave them to her friend, keep in mind that these were signs from 7th grade I haven’t seen her again till 10th grade, maybe its fate :P

your probaly saying that this is one crazy girl, but nah quite the opposite really, she has a great body and she is very outgoing, and I think there is more to her than she lets on

on with my story ( fast-forward to 11th grade, where I finally have a class with her again)

I’ve seen her looking at me whenever she talks 2 one of her friends, like her friend sits behind her so she’d have to turn around and look at her and then through the corner of my eye I see her looking at me, and she looks at me and talks to her friend at the same time

if it wasn’t for this person in between the 2 of us we would be sitting right next to each other, right… so one time this person got up and I saw this girl out of the corner of my eye with like her whole body turned towards me on the seat ( I saw like the knees were facing me ), and then playing with her hair.

in fact whenever I’m walking around school and I see her, I see her looking at me for a little bit and then keep walking like if when I saw her looking she look away, but now when I see her in school, I look at her intently and she looks at me , we both have blank normalish expressions, and I’m waiting for her to pull away eh. but I feel like she wouldn’t so I pull away instead in fear that she might get a wrong idea, so we’ve been exchanging looks whenever we see each other

it was the last day of school today for me, and I got the courage and I tapped her on her shoulder (she also had shades on, I’m stating that in case if that matters) and I just told her. “hey I just wanted to say I hope you enjoy your summer” first time she didn’t hear me because she had her music in her ears, she took off the music and I noticed this…she moved closer to me, and turned her body to be facing me, and she said what? she talked in a softer tone than how she is in class, I repeated myself and smiled this time and then she said “aww that’s sweet, thank you” I couldn’t see her eyes so I couldn’t tell

( I could swear she tilted her head a bit like she was nervous or something), and then I asked can I get a hug and then she gave me a nice hug, I got to hold her like how couples hold each other you know like side to side , and maybe I’m crazy, probably am :P. but I think she would have hold on if I didn’t let go

i think I should mention after she told me aww thanks, we were left at a standstill you know it got quiet, that’s when I asked can I get a hug and then she didn’t say anything and she just gave me a nice one,

one time she watched what I was wearing and out of the blue said ” I love how he’s wearing black on black and a gold chain in the middle, I’m more of a silver chain person though And then she was saying something else but I can’t remember, all I remember is she was saying something else, and then she said opposites attract, ironically enough I did catch that part

what I wondering about is after all these looks we exchanged, me seeing through the corner of my eye that she was playing with her hair and looking at me, me seeing all those signs, and then when I approached her…was she playing dumb or was she waiting for me to make a move ?

elaborate a bit on your answers guys, instead of the yes she does or no she doesnt, I’m a very shy guy and this girl is like a model, so every bit of advice is vital for my courage :P

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Holy crap ask her out already sheesh.

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I’m going to go with “she was waiting for you to make a move” And she seems to have been waiting since sixth grade. So make the move already!

P.s. Your question totally reminded me of what is so wonderful and so terrible about being young and liking someone. Thank you.

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maybe she thinks is you the one looking at her :)

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Aspergers syndrome is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and one of it’s symptoms is an inability to pick up on social clues.

The fact that even I would’ve gotten the hint after that many years (if for no reason other than having someone tell me) makes me wonder if your “shyness” isn’t something else. I recommend getting yourself checked out;you sound worse than me in that regard.

Oh, and ask her out already ;)

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Why don’t you call her and ask her out this summer? She obviously likes you.

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Ask her out on a date. she likes you :)

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@jerv has some very good insight here. So load up on some pharmaceuticals and ask her out.

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ya ask her out its seems that shes just waiting for you to make the move

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Dude….just ASK HER OUT! She likes you so much its crazy…I used to do what she does too but the boy I liked was stupid and didnt get it, never asked me out.So at some point I was like “forget him” and didnt like him .Don’t be that stupid boy! Ask her out.

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Ask her out…but, not in front of her friends. You sound like an exasperatingly sensitive guy and I have every confidence that you’ll do everything just right.

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You have written a novel which I will not read. If you want to know if a girl likes you, either ask her or invite her to do something fun with you. This is not rocket science.

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make the move dude!

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Ask her out! You havent asked her out after she gave you a hug!! Jeez… :-O

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Your story is a bit incoherent, so it’s hard to tell what’s going on.
If she was talking about you to her friend about what you wearing then most likely she does like you.
Girls don’t say things like that about a guy’s clothes unless they like them.
So I’d say, chat this girl up, get to know her a little better (avoid being a creeper) and see how it goes from there.
Unlike these other recommendations, I wouldn’t ask her out.
As a girl, I can tell you that guys who ask out girls who they rarely ever talk to usually get rejected. She has to get to know you first.
That being said, maybe you can ask her out to a dance. Sounds contradictory? Let me explain… Girls are not as picky with dates to a dance and since it’s considered a one time date and not a relationship, they’re more likely to say yes.
Hope it works out for you. Good luck!

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