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Is it hard to trust your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Asked by Lily121709 (1points) June 5th, 2010

Yes, I know we all truely love our bf/gf, but isn’t there times when you think somethings up? Like he/she talks about another person alot, that person always calls your bf/gf, and invites only them and not you? I feel that way… And I was wondering if any of you know how I feel and is it normal and if you had any experiences like me. Thanks :)

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Oh yeah sure it’s normal. Lot’s of relationships get eaten up by that kind of BS. But normal ain’t always right. And in my relationships, respect for the feelings of my SO are paramount, above all other concerns.

Though I’ve learned a long time ago not to mention it at all. “You guys have a nice time!” Smile, wave, and leave em’ like a rat running from a sinking ship.

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I’ve had one relationship where my then boyfriend constantly talked about another girl. He also talked to her and hung out with her a lot. Our relationship didn’t work out for other reasons, and as soon as we were finished, the two of them got together (literally within a few days). Needless to say I wasn’t surprised.

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it was hard to trust my last girl friend because she did drugs and all that and she ended up cheating on me

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You aren’t invited and you think something is up. Good chance there might be something up. Typically I am very trusting, but most of the time when I thought my SO was cheating something was going on.

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Sounds pretty normal to me. But you need to be talking to him, not us.

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It shouldn’t be hard to trust your bf/gf if you know them well enough. Be more confident with yourself. Say to yourself ‘why would they want anyone else when they have got me’.

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I am a very trusting person until you prove me otherwise. I don’t have time to sit and think about whether someone is cheating on me. I figure if i catch you, I am done… no talking, no explanations.. just get the hell out. If I don’t trust you, then maybe I don’t need to be in a relationship with you until I am sure.

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It’s not hard for me to trust my SO because we have an open relationship which pretty much eliminates the need to cheat.

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