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Anyone here familiar with in depth astrological compatibilities?

Asked by ava (977points) June 5th, 2010

My sun is in Pisces, moon in Scorpio, and Libra rising. I don’t know what any of this means at all, however, I have been seeing someone who is a triple Piscean (whatever that means) and two people have recently told me we could never make it because of that. Not that I actually take stock in this, but it does interest me. And when I looked on-line, several sources said Pisces were the best compatibility for each other while other sites said otherwise. Just wondering if anyone on here knew about these things and if so, what they thought of my match with this person.

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Sun = identity, moon = soul urge, rising = persona (how you ‘dawn’ on people).

You present yourself (initially) to others with Libra-like qualities.

I can’t speak to compatibility, but the Cosmopolitan (magazine) Bedside Astrologer is close enough to good.

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Your Scorpio moon bodes well for dealing with a triple Pisces. Remember to be kind and gentle even though your temper will flare. Libra rising is good as you will consider their thoughts. Astrologically this is a fine match. Keep in mind it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

The ‘best’ match is when two people treat each other with love, respect and kindness. Signs be damned.

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This question was originally in the ‘general’ section, however I was forced by ‘MODS’ to move it to social. I think this question could go either way, but for people that take astrology very seriously (the kind of people this question is geared towards) then I think I would get more responses in the genera section…so now I’m mad. But very thankful for the answers I have gotten so far.

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@ava, yeah that’s lame, but I’ve already used my mod bashing allotment for a good while. I think it should be a general q, too.

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I like you kevbo. Thanks for the support!

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Check out this site, my go-to for anything involving in-depth astrology. They have a bunch of free stuff you can check out, you may have to poke around to find it (I noticed just now that they have changed the site format, so I am not sure where to find the things I have used regularly). They have sign compatibilities and free in-depth charts you may find of interesting.

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