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If you were the president, what would you change?

Asked by allen_o (1485points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone
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I would invade Canada and Mexico, make the country bigger, then I’d find Michael Moore and put him in jail

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I get to be president?! Every politician will get fired! And every lobbyist! Total chaos! New people must run (qualified) and be elected…

On second thought I will just keep piddling with my normal everyday life. Leadership is not for me.

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My salary.

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Our taxation system

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Get Brazil to stop destroying the Amazon rain forest immediately. Sweeping environmental reforms. Abolish Homeland Security, invite congress to remove the “Patriot” Acts, negotiate Iran & N. Korea out of their nuclear programs, start a summit to resolve crises in Iraq and Palestine. Suggest instant run-off election systems to the states. Tax corporations and the excessively wealthy instead of the poor & middle class. Education, health care, and social security reforms. Other stuff… ;-)

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if I were president I would ban former president spouses from running in any elections !!! If you get my drift LOL

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a lightbulb

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change the military budget right now.

i’m doing a school report on it in this mock legislature dealy.

it seems like the department of defense is way over funded, and that the pentagon has literally become a big black hole for tax dollars.

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Nothing congress and the suoreme court wouldn’t let me change. The president’s not a ruler, he’s a leader.

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I would find that mother sucker bin Ladin and gut em like a fish on CNN like the Arabs do!

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the way we fight wars if we had no rules on how we fight and we scared other counters then maybe they have more reason to talk about peace and freedom for all people

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wow, I was just gonna say legalize pot, plus I don’t think the millitary industrial complex will let you kill bin laden, he’ll be the reason for operation Pakistani freedom, which will be the fourth invaded country in the war of terror after Iran

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