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Do you use quickbooks?

Asked by willbrawn (6606points) June 6th, 2010

I am looking at different pieces of software for my small business.
Basically one that allows me to keep track of clients, create invoices, and tracking billing.

do you use this software? Do you like it? I’d be getting it for mac if that helps

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I’ve used Quickbooks, but it was some time ago now… I’m sure it’s version these days looks quite different, and I was always on PCs.

I was an accounting tech for years. Most of these software packages do exactly what you’re needing plus a couple dozen other things.

There are a few things you need to remember. Set it up right first. If you want to utilise these systems to their best advantage, use them to manage all your accounts, not just pieces of it. If you are going to run your accounts receivable on it (like you’re talking about-just invoicing and keeping track of who owes you money.) you should have your bank account on it and be reconciling your bank account with it, and then you can also run your accounts payable on it and keep track of your expenses. I loved doing bank reconciliation. It was so satisfying when I balanced and if there was an error somewhere, it was an opportunity to fix it so I knew all my information was accurate.

I mostly used MYOB and really liked it. The menus were pretty intuitive and mistakes could be easily fixed if I posted something wrong (I started accounting in the days of DOS based programs and I HATED doing journal entries to fix mistakes! so nerve wracking)

Sales tax reports can be run from them if done properly and it can save you HUNDREDs at the end of the year if you’re bringing your books to an accountant.

I’m happy to answer any questions privately and confidentially, but like I said, it’s been a few years.

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I use Quick Books have for years and use it with 6 different accounts or companies. I originally bought it for a check writing program. Worked great for that.

I second what “cassie” said. Set It Up Right. If you can not do it that way and you want to use it as a real accounting program get someone to help you. I think that QB even has a service where they can connect you to folks in your area who say they are proficient in QB and can be hired to consult. Like anything else do your homework.

I am not an accountant by any means. This program (QB) does what you say you need (keep track of clients, create invoices, track billing) and a whole lot more if your business needs it.

What I like about it . . . everything.

What I don’t like about it? Every 3 years the compnay “sunsets” the support for the older versions so every three years or so you pretty much need to upgrade. I stretch it out but eventually have to do so. The good news is the newer versions always have more features. Hope this is helpful.

Totally agree with cazzie. The bank reconcillation is awesome. I have even put relatives checking accounts on QB just to help them keep it straight with ease.

But set it up right. That way you can USE the power of the program that you paid for.

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I agree with both of the prior posts—but it’s been (fairly) simple and easy to use. I enjoy working with Quickbooks on the mac (and the online payroll is amazing).

If you’re just doing billing and invoicing, though, you may want to look into a web-based solution.

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I worked as an administrative assistant this past summer and i used Quickbooks for invoicing, keeping track of client’s information, taxes and payroll, and keeping employee’s information as well. it was a cinch to learn and use. the company’s accountant also had some sort of a copy of our QB and was able to assist me over the phone with any issues i had. all of this work was done on a PC but i’m sure it’s better and easier on a mac :)

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I have used Quickbooks since its first DOS iteratoion, many years ago. I have stopped using it because I no longer trust Intuit, which has become greedy and self-serving. Peachtree isn’t bad.

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