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Where on earth has my WaveLab recording just ended up?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) June 6th, 2010

A few days ago I was recording with WaveLab 4.0 and when I went to save the software shut down.
The problem is it shut down a matter of nano seconds after I had clicke the ‘Save’ option. So I don’t even know if the files have been saved,
even as temporary.
I’ve searched quite thoroughly temporary files andobsolete locations just to be sure. But there was no trace of ’.dba’ WaveLab Database files.
Oh, by the way. As soon as I try to click on the ‘Open Audio Database’ option, the software shuts down. This also happens with other operations.
Is there a way to find this recording, do you think? Cheers…

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Sounds to me like it didn’t save the file. It also sounds to me like you have a problem with the software. You might need to reinstall it.

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@the100thmonkey cheers, mate.
unfortunately I think so too

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Anyone else… please….!?

Or must I accept the fate that @the100thmonkey and I fear…

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