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What was the title to that film ... ?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) June 6th, 2010

woman saves ‘evil’ little girl from town then which turns out to be the actual evil.
the girl had been tortured and so on in this town, presumedly “because she was the seed of evil” (or something) according to the town folk.
Later, she shows to have catastrophic supernatural powers whilst escaping with the protagonist (who had initially gone to the town to investigate I believe).
I think the little girl’s powers resembled the 7 plagues upon egypt in exodus…

Well, that’s pretty much how it went..
don’t remember actors, director.. anything else..
a sort of Gothic-Conceptual-Horror-Apocalyptic action film.
Has any of you seen it?

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Silent hill?

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I think I remember this film, I also think it wasn’t very good. Are you thinking of The Reaping with Hilary Swank?

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@shego no, I’m sure it wasn’t that. Though it was a bit similar…
@RareDenver Perhaps, I just can’t remember the title. I’ll google it and let you guys know.
Thanks guys.
More suggestions are welcome in the meantime, everyone.

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I also agree with “The Reaping”.

Did anyone else scream at her “Don’t drink the damned beer!” and lo and behold… she should have listened to me. Horror movie rule: Don’t drink anything that’s offered to you.

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Yeah that was it. found it..
that was very helpful mates..

@Seek_Kolinahr especially if it’s an alcoholic beverage.

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