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Is there a way on Google maps to draw a line so you know how long it is?

Asked by forki (55points) June 6th, 2010

I want to time myself running one mile but I don’t know how are one mile is on the roads where I live.

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Hit start record and double click on the map to insert a point.

And I’m not sure why this is in meta.

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I know you can do it on Google earth rather easily . . . .

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I agree with @Kayak8, on gogle earth you can draw, edit and everything. Also, on google maps im pretty sure theres an “Edit” button in the corner of the map, that might help you.

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If you go to Google Maps, you should see a Google Labs icon at the top (a green beaker). This may only be there if you are signed in with a Google account. One of the new lab features is the ‘Distance Measurement Tool’.

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MissAnthrope has a good idea, but if you install Google Earth, you can not only easily measure straight lines (in all sorts of units, big and small), but also measure the length of a path. Great for runners and cyclists who don’t stick to a straight road (which could eventually happen to you!)

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