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Nikon D60 or Cannon XSi?

Asked by elman25 (159points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m looking into purchasing my first DSLR and was looking for advice on what to get. I noticed that nikon and cannon two of the more popular camera brands came out with there latest entry models and I’m just looking for some feed back…. Thanks

Ps I can get a Nikon D80 for $859.99 is that better deal than the XSi which is $799.99?

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Nikon any day of the week. Always. And look at the Nikon d40X or d60X best mrgapixles for the price. Thing about nikon vrs cannon I’d that all of nikon lenses fit on all of their cameras.

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I just bought the D40, great camera and the guy that i talked to about ‘Do Megapixels Matter” said that megapixles only matter when it comes to doing big prints and that you can print up to 18×25 safely with 6.1MP without pixelating.

If i could i would have bought the D40x but it was way to much for my money. Overall just get the Nikon D60x or D80.

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I’m NIKON fan.D80 is the best choice for You.You’ll get 18–135mm with it,not a 18–55.

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18–55 has served me pretty well so far…. although it is the only lens I’ve used so what would i know

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“Potato, po-tat-to.”

Both a great cameras. I personally shoot Canon, which I prefer, but as I said, both manufactures make great products in that range.

A little advice: Invest in great glass (lenses), that’s where you’ll see your greatest improvement in image quality after either of the two mentioned bodies. And buy from Amazon. Honestly they’re the best HONEST deal around.

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Unfortunately I’m in Australia and Amazon don’t ship overseas (as far as i know)

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joshisradd and Spargett are right on! Both make excellent camers. I have Nikon D70 and a D300 and love them. The lenses are the issue. All of the Nikon lens can be interchanged. My really old lenses can’t be used on program or full automatic, but they still work.

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I have a Canon Rebel xti. It takes awesome pictures. It is my first dslr. I got it about a year ago. We like it a lot.

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Dpreview can also help you weight the pros and cons, although it sounds like you’d like anecdotal feedback too:

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I have nikon 5700 top of cool pix line for digitals. I also have several slr Nikons. When I press the shutter, I want the picture to take THAT INSTANT. The Nikon digitals do not do that.I am saving money to go with Canon XSI series and sell my nikon digital that has interchangeable lenses.

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