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Is there a relationship between the color purple and Star Wars?

Asked by casheroo (18081points) June 6th, 2010

I have a Star Wars t-shirt not a huge fan, but it was mainly to make my husband smile, and now it’s one of my favorite shirts and it’s purple with a Star Wars picture on it.
We recently purchased a Star Wars shirt for my son, and it too is purple.
Is that like, the color for Star Wars or something? Am I completely out of the loop on something only fans would know? Or is this just a coincidence?

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They both have the same directors and producers i think. Also they each have the same amount of main characters. Ithink.

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It’s all about the eternal struggle of good versus evil.
Good guys = blue lightsabers
Bad guys = red lightsabers
Therefore, purple.

Please don’t ruin my brilliant insight by pointing out that Jedi also frequented green lightsabers. ;)

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Purple is just a magestic color. There is nothing special about it in the Star Wars Universe.

@astrix24 The Color Purple was directed by Lucas’ pal Steven Speilberg.

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Shit I didn’t realise Oprah played Chewbacca.You learn something new everyday, evidently.

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I have this on secret authority, but you didn’t here it here. See, Alice Walker had this amazing treehouse, and George Lucas wanted to see it because maybe it could serve as a model in his movie. Alice isn’t all that fond of fat white guys, but what the hell. She showed him up the rope ladder and inside there was a fully stocked kitchen with a Subzero refrigerator and a Viking cook top.

But it was the bar that held Lucas’ interest and so Walker went over and made him a Mojito, and while she was at it, she made herself one, too. And one became two, and two became three, and there was this intrepid papparazzo who managed to get his foot on the ladder, but they took his camera. I hold the only known remaining photo from that batch. It shows the two of them sucking face like a slug holding onto a mirror.

So, anyhow, after that, things were never the same for either of them. I mean, the relationship was impossible, and yet, there they were, setting up secret fluther accounts so they could pass messages back and forth without anyone being any the wiser.

As a gesture of true love, Lucas made purple the color of Star Wars, and Walker, who had been planning to name her book, “The Color Aubergine” or “The Color Mauve,” simplified it to “The Color Purple,” which, you will notice, is an anagram for Lucas.

So sue me! I never was much of a liar.

No really. There’s an “l” and a “u” (or is it an u?) and, yeah, a “C” in color. Too bad she didn’t call it “A color purple.” Well, they didn’t want to make things too obvious, you know.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Not going to point out the green lightsabers, but Mace Windu had a purple lightsaber.

I haven’t seen that. The Star Wars shirt I have (and most of the ones I’ve seen) have been either black or grey.

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There’s no real meaning behind the color.
It just kind of shows up.
The only important purple thing in the movies is Mace Windu’s lightsaber.
You know, Samuel L. Jackson… His was purple because he saved one of the natives on Hurrikaine and in return, they gave him the violet crystal so he could make his lightsaber. Because lightsabers are powered by crystals.

Anything else purple that stands out in my mind is in the extended universe, but still not a “thing” for anyone to “get”.

I have Star Wars shirts in just about every color… so I think it’s just supposed to be a fashion thing. but I know nothing about fashion, so I pretty much just made that up.

Now, pics. I want to see pics, @casheroo

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Yes, both contain the letter r.

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