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Palin blames Environmentalists for oil spill. Thoughts?

Asked by gtreyger (1397points) June 6th, 2010

Is it just me, or her statements make no sense?

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Nothing she says makes sense. She is a moron.

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My thoughts? I’d like to hunt Sarah Palin from helicopter with a high powered rifle. Run, Sarah, run.

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I wish I could re-write the question just a little. What would be your response to her if she said this to you face to face?

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Ppppppbbbbbbbsssssssstttt! That’s what I’d say to her.

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Déjarte de chingaderas, retraso.

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“Lady, how much F&!$#NG attention do you need? You know what you’re saying is horse pucky!”

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Not a damn word out of her mouth has made any sense. What the hell is wrong with her?
She’s a hypocrite, So it’s very hard to believe her.

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Hasn’t this woman gone away yet? Why are people still giving her attention?

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Look, she’s a half-term former governor of a state with a very small population. She’s not known for her wisdom, but she has learned that every time she says something retarded, people hoot and holler and she gets to go on more talk shows and sign more books.

The best thing we can do is ignore her. She’s a classic attention whore.

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How many thousands of shares of BP do you own? ?

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Nice tits, mad as a box of frogs though. So hardly worth the effort really.

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I would tell her that I completely agree and then I would ask where to send donations to her run for President in 2012.

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@johnpowell I wonder if President Obama has contributed at all to her campaign. He stands to benefit if she is the Republican nominee…

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LOL @johnpowell! Oh, sorry, you are serious! Well, I am with you on this one! Four years of Tina Fey on SNL! How awesome that would be!

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Do you really think those little flurries of electrochemical reaction in her brain can be dignified as “Thoughts”?

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If I saw her face to face, I would just yawn. That sums it all up for me.

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If I was standing in front of her and she made this claim, I think I would be struck dumb. Literally, just standing there with my mouth hanging open. Then I’d probably just start laughing and have to walk away.

There is nothing you can say to someone like her. You might as well go talk to a brick wall. Unfortunately, a lot of people I grew up with in the midwest share the Palin mindset, and I quickly learned that they are immune to pesky little things like logic and facts.

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what does she think of Alaska drilling??

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Who cares ?


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I can’t imagine why anyone would listen or give credence to anything Ms. Palin has to say. I need not elaborate.

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I refuse to click on URLs that mention her name these days. Everything you need to know about how batshit retarded nuts Sarah Palin is can be picked up in headlines on Google News, and I’m ashamed I have to see those.

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Her statements are very valuable. Not even Republicans will vote for her in 2012.

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While McCain lost any consideration for my presidential vote solely due to Palin, she has made outrageous comments/accusations, and other countries think she’s a joke,

this is the first statement of hers that I’ve run across that evokes the desire to research. There hasn’t been a post yet on this thread that has addressed debunking her statement…just a lot of Palin-bashing. If you know something about oil-drilling in the US, then please speak up. Otherwise, this could be a case of the the boy who cried “Wolf” one too many times.

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@Pied_Pfeffer: why does a statement that moronic need to be debunked? The whole reason she said it was that it’s so vague and unjustifiable that it almost can’t be falsified – not without pages and pages of “well, if she’s referring to…,” and “if she means….” There are perfectly legitimate criticisms to level at the environmentalist movement, or at least segments of it – in fact, I think they’re as guilty as anyone in keeping us auto-dependent.

The real problem here is mass media bends over and lets itself be used as a soap box for her to spread her poorly thought out ideas and opinions – without offering any critical review or even basic fact-checking and, in fact, keeping people who hold better thought out opinions out of the mix. It’s the same thing that makes watching Hannity, O’Reilly, or any other TV pundit gallingly futile – any intellectually engaged person knows they’re talking out of their asses. Even if they aren’t lying, and much of the time they are, it’s all jingoistic posturing. The so-called left even appropriated the tactics now, with talking heads like Olbermann.

Actually, this goes a long way to explaining why people who watch a lot of TV are so badly informed.

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