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Asked by Kiwano (41points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone

how does a blind person from birth dream?

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oo interesting one. I like to know.

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Sometimes when I dream I see things that are compleatly made up. Things from people to creatures to objects. Plus they get an idea of what things look like when they touch them so.

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maybe they hear noises and see colours. or maybe its something like the nirthern lights and its shiny and colourful.

interesting question.

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I reread my response so let me clear up what I meant. I see things in my dream that I’ve never seen before so why couldn’t blind people?

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According to this link, people who have been blind since birth only have auditory dreams.

What an intriguing question… thanks for asking this.

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ummm proubly can think what it could look like by feeling the object

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My dad often says that you don’t see with your eyes, but with your mind. I believe that they do have dreams and experience what we would call “visual” but they dont have a reference of that “visual” experience so their mind simply dont know what it is and try to compensate or “explain it” with the others senses. But that’s just my thoughts.

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Do they have wet dreams?

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Subconscious mind is not blind.Dreams originate there.

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