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Which kitchen knife sharpener to buy?

Asked by asawilliams (368points) June 6th, 2010

I am looking for a kitchen knife sharpener to buy. I have used a rod and a stone before and they work fine, but what about ones like this, ?

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that type of design knives are alright but the best kind from what i know about knives is a good quality diamond sharpening stone like this one.
i dont use that particular one but have one fairly similar one its hard to get the knives sharp right to the tip with those kind. but they are excellent if you need to sharpen knives really quickly and extremely easily.

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The Wusthof at Amazon is good. I haven’t used a stone like @bongo linked but I suspect it’s better.

Also, frequent use of a steel greatly extends the time between sharpenings.

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Buy something german or swiss brand with ceramic sharpeners!

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Kroger, take your knives in, they sharpen them for you while you shop, and it’s free.

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This is the one I have used for many years on my excellent knives, with no complaints.

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This is such a random question. I love it. I’m going to ‘great question’ it

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ACCUSHARP. I’ve tried several expensive knife sharpeners but this little non-electric thing is the best I’ve ever used.

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