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Does fluther actually make money and if so how?

Asked by bongo (4297points) June 6th, 2010

we all know this site if fantastic but realistically it must cost money to run yet there are no adverts, no spam emails and only a little t-shirt shop. how on earth does it make money? facebook has loads of adverts down the side directed at the person from what they put on their profile however I have no idea what twitter is like regarding adverts as have never used it.

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Log out and check again.

It looks like this.

Most of the traffic comes from google and they see ads.

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@johnpowell woah fair play cheers, great idea to remove adverts to members! really like it. I am forever clicking accidently on adverts on other sites and loads of junk comes up.

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I was wondering about that same question too. I see now that whenever people ask a question and they dont belong to fluther, they get directed to there where they see the adverts.

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but i dont think they make much money though.

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I would read this. It is written by the guy that runs Metafilter. He makes enough to pay four people full time and they all do pretty well.

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They remove one penny, once a week from the bank accounts of every jelly.

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@cprevite I even changed bank accounts and they found the new one to take out my penny.

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@chyna: They’re that good.

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I would pay a penny a week – heck, I’d pay a dollar a week to keep it open. What’s 50 bucks a year for this community to stay afloat?

By the way – if I remember correctly – that’s why closed a year and a half ago. No money.

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@zenele Yeah, that and the site just went to crap with the load times and stuff….

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You know that lurve score you’re so proud of? It gets deducted from you bank account when you close your account. Stay active.

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