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Why do good people move away from us?

Asked by ninjacolin (14233points) June 6th, 2010

You’d think we were so awesome that no one would ever be able to leave and go far away but somehow we’re just not cool enough to make them give up their plans to leave our entire continent and stay at least within national long distance rates!! but nope.. some people who we love just pick up and leave far far away.

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:-( we are are awesome.. it’s a sign that you are loving people well xx

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Why would you really want to make someone you love give up their dreams for your sake?

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well, alright, I suppose I don’t want them to “give up” their dreams so much I want to be “better” or “worth more” than their dreams.. i mean, i’m only trying to help here!

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I’m sure you are awesome and you will find someone who will share your dreams. I’m sorry your feeling bummed now.

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Because they can.

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You can still be cool and something can be cooler. It isn’t very often people have the opportunity to move off to another country. It is a cool thing, you should be happy for them. And usually people end up back where they started. If anything I would be jealous of them.

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For the same reason that good people, whom we may love some day, move close by.

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Cause life can be a bitch and dat’s the troof.

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It’s life’s way of testing your friendship, your love, etc. I feel this is the case with me. Whenever I get close to someone, that person or I end up moving. However, those same people are the ones I talk to the most, more than anyone near me, cause the dynamics haven’t changed. It also makes room for someone new who may eventually make the same or a similar impression on you.

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Because you live in the wrong place. What you need to do is figure out where they are all going and move there. I suggest New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or San Diego.

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Sometimes the people who move away come back. Unitl then, you and these people should get Skype accounts. Then you can make free calls, even free video calls no matter where in the world they or you are.

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Because you don’t miss or thing about the bad ones that leave.

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