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Any ideas what may be causing wireless internet connection issues?

Asked by nicky (207points) June 6th, 2010

I recently moved into a room in a house with wireless internet. I have a couple devices that need a wired connection so i had to power cycle the router to give them internet access. Now, the wireless is acting up. It keeps connecting and disconnecting from the internet pretty consistently like every 30 secs to a minute. There are other wireless networks in the area and I read that they may be interferring with our network, so possibly switching the channel on the router may help (which i havent been able to try yet because my roommates cant remember the password). The router model is a wrt54g linksys. Does anyone have some suggestions or ideas about what might be going on? or perhaps something i can try without knowing the login?

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Google the default password for the Linksys and reset it if need be.

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There should be a little hole in the router that is pin sized. It is usually on the back. You can stick a pin and feel it trigger a switch. Hold that switch for 10+ seconds.

Then enter in the address bar in your browser and hit enter.

You should get a dropdown

User is : blank leave it empty
Pass is : admin

That should get you into the router.

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@johnpowell is just a guess. There are many other default router IPs.

@nicky Download the router manual from the manufacturer’s web site before you reset it. You want the instructions on hand before you might accidentally cut off your internet connection.

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I had the same issue when I let the router select it’s own channel. It turns out that I was being “channel stomped”.

You can also look at this for easy instructions on resetting a WRT54G

@jaytkay Actually, for a Linksys, the IP is but you are correct that other companies use different default IPs, and that you always want to have a manual around.

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thanks everyone, i just got home and people are saying the wireless is ok now. But i will try ur suggestions at the first sign of trouble :)

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@johnpowell is correct, is the default IP

Sorry, I was not reading carefully enough and did not see the OP’s router is a linksys wrt54g . Thank you @jerv

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Is the internet provided by Comcast? We’ve had similar problems and there seems to be an issue with Linksys routers and Comcast. Google it and see the solutions, they worked for us.

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There are times when connection is difficult for everbody. The worse connection time is at peak period, when everyone else is trying to connect. My best time periood is between midnight and 3am.

Some networks have been having difficulties and I can only assume to presume that the Satellite Communications Network (Huwei) has oversold its bandwidth and users are not getting their allotments, or users are being cut for the better customers advantage, that is just a wild guess so don’t read much into it.

Optus and Telstra and the 3 g networks use Huwei (Australia)

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