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My laptop is asking for a password in order to boot up. it has never done this before.

Asked by Bigfish (110points) February 17th, 2007
Help!!!!!!!! I just turned on my Toshiba laptop and the screen stayed black, and a blue box came up asking for a password. I have never set a password, nor have I ever had to enter a password. How do I get around this?
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Just to be sure, make sure there are no disks or cds in it... that could be causing trouble.
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It also conceivably could be malware (like a virus), so I wouldn't type in any of your real passwords
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How quickly did the password window come up... did it feel more like the initial BIOS (hardware setup), or later, as part of Windows?
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This used to happen to me and I always just pushed "Ok" or "cancel" without entering any ID or password and the computer went ahead and booted up just like normal.
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It is the BIOS password. I called Toshiba and they gave me a local tech that could reset it. Unfortunately they are clased until Tuesday. I took it to the Computer Geeks and they told me my motherboard was probably shot. Fortunately its still under warranty. I saw the link to the Bios PW Reset Key. Do you think this is worth doing?
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Yeah, I would give it a try... shouldn't be dangerous and might save you the trouble of tech support. There are a number of Toshiba-specific options at this page, which also has good info in general:

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