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Am I pregnant?

Asked by Questionable (5points) June 7th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m taking a test tomorrow, but I want opinions on this, please. :)

My boyfriend and I had sex on may 15th, which was my 13th day, which means I would be fertile around then. We used a condom, and it didn’t break at all, he squeezed it to see if there were any leaks or anything and there weren’t. But my period is already a week late, and i’ve had tender breasts, an increase in discharge, bloating and cramping, and I’ve been very moody.
My period is basically never late, usually early if anything.

(excuse spelling mistakes, I’m on my iPod!)

What is your opinion on this? :/

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It seems to me that you are pregnant. All the signs that you describe are pointing in that direction.

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@cornbird And they are pretty much also all signs of getting a period.

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Hi Mom!

No no, @lilikoi is correct. Just get tested.

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Yeah, I can’t decide if it’s pms and a late period or not. :/

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Nobody on Fluther can answer this question without knowing the results of your pregnancy test. Which you will see first anyway.

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Paint the nursery.

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I wouldn’t worry until you take the test. You very well may be pregnant but it’s not worth worrying about until then. By the way, although these are symptoms of pregnancy there are many others that you haven’t discussed. For example, being overly fatigued is the first symptom I had and pretty much everyone I know who has been pregnant.
Good luck!

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Take a pregnancy test.

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Just be aware that stress can very often delay a period. It could be that stressing out about this could have made your period even later. Try not to worry about it – take a test and see.

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It sounds like your ego is prego.

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@xxii is right. The more you think about it and stress over it (among other things) will delay your period. It’s also possible that you’re just irregular. It happens. It’s nature. No one can tell you if you are pregnant without seeing the results. Just try not to stress and wait for the test results.

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Only way to be sure is to take a pregnancy test.

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