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What are some of the applications that will be available with the SDK release?

Asked by youknowconnor (256points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone

As most iPhone users I’m very excited about the SDK update. But I really don’t even know any of the applications that will be available with it. If you do know, feel free to help out.

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No way to really know right now. From what I understand, Apple is rejecting applications from potential developers left and right at the moment. I’d suspect the initial offering of apps will be very limited will come from trusted companies. You’ll definitely see AIM and stuff from Popcap but I don’t expect the floodgates to open up until holiday.

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all I know is spore is comming

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spore isn’t coming until september…. Are you talking about the creature editor? What?

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The SDK is different to the iPhone 2.0 software release! You can check out a list of the example applications that are part of the Apple Developer Connection SDK for iPhone here. As for the Applications that come with the iPhone 2.0 update, I expect the only app that will be included will be the AIM app, or maybe not even that because Apple don’t often bundle 3rd Party software with their iPods and iPhone type devices.

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there will be many third party apps, I heard that ea and gameloft were building games for the iPhone

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The SDK is the tools that developers need to create iPhone apps. The apps that are available when the iPhone software upgrade happens in June will be whatever people create between now and then.

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