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Can you help me find a 2007 educational review document?

Asked by lilikoi (10084points) June 7th, 2010

“In 2007, the Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) undertook a national review of educational programs dedicated to sustainable agriculture and food systems.”—-ISU website—

I can’t seem to find this review. Can you?

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It can’t be Googled or found on the OEC website, so I would ask whoever quotes the study to provide a citation.

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I would say contact them and ask. Be sure to reference the ISU article you found it in.

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The fact they undertook a review doesn’t mean that they actually published their findings. When I used Google Scholar, and filtered for journal articles since 2007, there were a lot on education “sustainable agriculture”, like this one but nothing screamed “Oregon Environmental Council”.

It was probably created as the foundation for the establishing the Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Resource Center and was perhaps used as background information, or “best practices” for establishing the resource center.

Not all studies are published.

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