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Is there a way to recover MP3 file names?

Asked by metadog (378points) June 7th, 2010

Hi! I just ripped a ton of MP3’s from my old failing iPod so I could transfer to a new machine. Now all of my music has 4 letter file names (like ABCD.mp3). Is there a way to recover the original name or some data from the file as to it’s contents? Is there some kind of FREE software out there that could do this for me? It is a lot of files. What would this process be called? Thanks!

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The metadata should still be in the files. You can use a program like Tag & Rename to retrieve the data and rename the files automatically.

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Personally I use Mp3tag to rename all my mp3 files. It uses the IDV3 tags of the file to rename them, and can even go online to find and update the IDV3 tags that go best with your song (or metadata as @dpworkin calls it).

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