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Horton Hears a Who: funniest part?

Asked by mcbealer (10198points) March 16th, 2008

IMHO when Horton was performing CPR on the fish.

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I liked the part where everything was breaking down, and they were going to boil the flower and whatnot. In my mind everything just clicked. I realized the religious ideal behind it, believing in faith. Even if you can’t hear or see or feel something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The humor in that is that the ones who disliked the faith based thing (i.e. the flower), used morals and values to try and bring it down. Which is the opposite of how religion is, those who have faith usually have more compelling morals. I don’t know, if that makes sense to you, I thought it was quite humorous, there was more stuff that was funny but I liked that most, kind of like a jab at religion in my eyes.

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when the dentist gives him the shot in the arm and his arm goes numb. And he can’t open the door and then when he runs out he smacks to two ppl in the waiting room! I was dying with laughter that I was crying. I must have laughed for at least 5min! LOL.

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