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Can you get in trouble for having a tx drivers license but live in florida?

Asked by cherrybomn (6points) June 7th, 2010

My friend lived in florida but still had his tx drivers license and got into a wreck. The cops gave him a ticket and he paid it but now it is showing up on his criminal background as a violation of non residence. Can he really not get an apartment becuase of this. I live in tx and still have my ks drivers license and no one has said anything to me??

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Yes, in Florida you have to change your license over ASAP. I think it’s three days. If you’re in my county (the cops here are way too bored) they’ll pull over anyone that has out of state plates, just to check for residency. Which is ridiculous, because our area is swarming with tourists.

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Each state has different timelines for how long you have to change over your license and vehicle registration. I believe there are exceptions for students and I know there are exemptions for military. Best thing to do is find out what the rules are in Texas.

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It would probably be added to his charges, depending on the state re-licensing requirement. Here in California it’s 15 days.

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I know that in Florida you have a certain number of days from when you relocate to change everything—insurance, driver license, car registration, etc. I don’t know, but would assume most states have these policies. Check the state website.

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Pretty much everyone is correct above. All states, as far as I know, require you to get a license if you are going to reside there. That is how they make money, and make sure you know their driving laws I guess, but it is about the money. Your car needs to be registered there too. Some states actually have tax on cars, a property tax, so if you don’t have your car registered you could be in violation of not paying taxes too. Get everything changed.

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@JLeslie If you happen to own/lease two residences, you must have everything registered in the state where you spend 6 months plus 1 day each year.

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@perspicacious I kind of remember that FL had a snowbird requirement for people, but maybe that was just for people who clain it as their primary residence, which would be 6 months and 1 day – true. But, I seem to remember that some people had two licences and if stopped they had to show the license of the state they were in, if they were in that state?? Maybe they were getting around something and that is not the law, not sure.

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