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How to tell if you hurt your wrists?

Asked by Jeremycw1 (1370points) June 7th, 2010

Alright, so today, I got in a 40 MPH longboard crash and I’m a little beat up. I put guaze and band-aids on all my cuts and gashes, but my wrists are still sore. I can move them pretty well, but when I bend them a little they hurt.

Do you think I hurt them at all?

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Well, clearly your hurt them if they hurt. I guess your question is really how much? I would put cold compresses, ice or frozen peas on them tonight and take an anti-inflammatory like aspirin. If they are still very sore in a day or two, go see a doctor.

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sorry to hear about your crash. if they hurt, then you hurt them. get them checked out if it doesnt go

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I’m guessing since you can type that you are able to move your fingers that or you are very handy with your feet if this is the case then just keep an eye on your wrists for increased swelling or an increase in pain. If you see either, it is time to have your wrists checked by the doc.

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@ChaosCross that sounds like an excellent idea i’ll try it at once :p no, but seriously, thanks everyone for your answers, i really appreciate it.
My wrists don’t look swollen, so i bet i just kinda stretched them. but i’ll watch em. thanks!

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Just be careful that you didn’t open up the carpel tunnel in the third phlanges of each hand. Some people call it the surfers dirge. It is especially painful when there is a lot of coral. I used to dance the long board, myself. Those were the days, living free as the wind on the foam of a wave. I don’t know, though. I think I’d rather catch myself on my face than on my wrists. I’ve seen a lot of bad breaks in the bones of the forearm for people who try to catch themselves that way. Believe it or not, falling on your face causes less pain in the long run.

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You probably stunned ‘em a bit. I suggest RICE in varying quantities for a couple days. If you notice no improvement, you’ll want to see a professional.

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Give it a few days. If they don’t get better, then go to a clinic.

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