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Fun things to do in Seattle (reachable via public transit from Capitol Hill)?

Asked by lrk (757points) June 7th, 2010

Hi! I’m going to have a few free days in Seattle: what are some cool things to do (both touristy and non-touristy)?

Ideally, they’d be accessible by simple public transit (e.g., not a complicated bus ride with three transfers), though I can also fetch a Zipcar for anything particularly exciting.

(I’m aware that someone asked a similar question in the past, but I’m looking for over the course of three weekdays, not just a few hours, so perhaps some different ideas will emerge.)


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Go for a walk in Ravenna Park. It’s beautiful and sort of stuck in a ravine.

Or take the ferry to Bainbridge.

I’m not from Seattle but I used to visit three or four times a year, and these are two things I’d do for fun on afternoons without appointments.

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The Seattle Center, where the World’s Fair was located. The Space Needle is there. The Pacific Science Center has lots of interesting events.

Pike Place Market, and all the other interesting attractions along the Pier. Ivan’s Acres of Clams is a fun restaurant nearby, and there are several fun shops along that street as well.

Seattle Underground Tour – a walking tour of the city under Seattle. Funny and provides lots of historical details.

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Top Pot Doughnut
Elliott Bay Book Company
Experience Music Project
In addition, a bunch of museums offer free admission the first Thursday of each month.

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Yes, certainly the Space Noodle, and also Pike Place Market and Chinatown for Dim Sum.

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I would get the Zip Car and drive to Mt. Rainier (the wiuldflowers should be in bloom right now) or Mt. St. Helens. Very different experiences. Sort of like before and after.

Drive up to Mukilteo and take the ferry to Whidbey Island. Drive to Double Bluff beach and enjoy the view of the Olympics and unspoiled beach as far as you can walk to the right. Then on your way back down to the ferry, go to the village of Langley. Stop and have lunch at the Dog House tavern.

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On Capitol Hill, I always take people to Volunteer Park to climb the water tower and browse the Conservatory. While there check out the Asian Art Museum, coy ponds, flowers, big-ass old trees, have a picnic/drink beers, and go around the corner to check out Bruce & Brandon Lee’s grave. Across the street from that cemetery entrance, is an incredible overlook of Lake Washington and the Cascades which is a great place to have lunch and/or drink beers.

Archie McFee is definitely a Seattle must do IMO, and while in that area you can got to Woodland Park Zoo, Greenlake and even Gasworks Park.

If you can get out on the Ferry as @Mamradpivo said, or even to Rainier as @marinelife mentioned, then absolutely do.

I know this is beyond a simple bus ride, but the best place in WA is the North Cascades N.P. If there is any way you can get out there for the drive up Hwy 20 to Washington Pass, absolutely do so as you will be in awe! I think it’s one of the most beautiful places you can drive to in the US.

Hope you have a great trip out here!

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You could check out the arboretum, which is really beautiful. It’s a bit of a walk to get there though.

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One of the first things I did upon moving to Seattle was to explore all of the hallways of Pikes Market. Fremont and Greenwood are also interesting places to explore, especially if you like food.

I agree that Archies is a must-see, as well as the Gasworks Park, but Greenlake…. a little trick y to get to or drive around. However, Beth’s is in Greenlake and, since its right on Aurora Ave, the 358 goes right near it.

-BTW, the 358 goes from Downtown Seattle to the Snohomish county line, mostly along Aurora. You will also want to avoid driving on I-5 between about 45th and 130th during the day unless you like parking lots and weaving maniacs.

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The underground tour is interesting…

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