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Is there a program I can use(windows) to edit a song and censor it?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34547points) June 7th, 2010

I have a radio show on my colleges radio. Problem is, there isnt a delay on the radio and there is no program there to allow me to censor songs. So, the only way to do it is to mute the cd at the second of a offensive word/phrase/what-have-you and then un-mute it after. Since i am muting it, i can no longer hear the music myself. It makes it rather hard to effectively/accurately censor the songs then without completely butchering it.

I would like a program that I can just edit the song and mute it at those points then save the mp3 file that i can later just play on the radio.

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Question, since this is social: 1. Why censor a song?

2. If you are going to censor something in the song, and you know in advance that its lyrics are explicit, why play it altogether? There are enough songs out there.

3. Technically it shouldn’t be a problem to continue listening to the song in your ear, while muting the portion that is aired. Check with a radio technician.

4. Please answer # 1


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If you really need to mute it, Audacity should work. You can open up an .mp3, play the song, find the area in need of censorship, and mute the sound there. Audacity is free, and fairly simple. Audacity

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Sony Soundforge would do it.

Also, isn’t censoring art to make it “acceptable” like taking the engine out of a car to make it quieter?

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@zenele & @The_Idler
Been there, only back in vinyl days. FCC use to check our college station on a regular basis. Station had a history of not following FCC regulations like using more power then licensed, 5000 watts instead of 15. We did that more than once. We had a favorite band on campus used words in the songs not allowed on air. We taped their records and blanked out the words, would then playback from tape desk.
I know that does help unless you have a tape deck. 0_0 Reel to Reel.

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I obviously do not want to censor the songs. Fuck, i hate censorship, but as @Tropical_Willie alluded to, the FCC checks up with us regularly. Soooo unless I want to loose my show(which i dont) i must censor. Also, if its a song that only says fuck or shit in it once, censoring out that one word really doesnt do much to the integrity of the song. Everyone still knows wtf was said, just cant hear it, and i would much rather do it that way then not play the great song all together.

ill have to give audcity and soundforge a shot

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The way the studio was set up when I had a show I could make the CD player go off the air but still hear it through the studio speakers. If that can’t happen for you then you could either just know how long the word is or have the mic be on the air and make a noise during the word.

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