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Does anyone know if X10 and Control 4 Are Compatible?

Asked by joeysefika (3093points) March 16th, 2008

I saw a thread to do with controlling your X10 from you ipod via a web app, is this cross compatible with Control 4 ( the Control system I’m using) or not?

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“One of the limitations of the X10 protocol is the speed at which signals are sent. In general only one part of the signal is sent every 16 milliseconds. That sounds fast but can lead to delays, especially when many devices are being controlled. To improve on these limitations, protocols such as Insteon, BACnet (larger commercial building), Zigbe ( and LonWorks have been developed.

Of these methods Insteon has become very popular in households because of its interoperability with existing X10 appliances.”

Also, this powerpoint seems to think Control4 is based off a technology called ZigBee

From that I would say that Control4 isn’t utilising X10, but you have to buy X10 Control app for iPhone/iPod Touch anyway, so you’d be better off using the remotes that come with the system.

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thankyou angie

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