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What's the best online radio to listen to chill out?

Asked by Cannelle (31points) June 8th, 2010

I’m still trying to find an online radio station which plays relaxing (but interesting) music, any suggestions?

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It all depends what you like. But, sometimes you can find a diverse selection in the folk music or alternative. I really enjoy internet radio…spend a little time browsing. I like WXRT out of Chicago…fine classic rock from all time periods. 93-XRT.

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If you go to, you can design your own channel.

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I like, it’s more flexible than pandora and seems to have more foreign artists.

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There’s another site similar to Pandora in which you can listen to other’s playlists.

It’s called Fine Tune and the one I’ve been enjoying lately is
Top 40 Hits of 1960–1964.

Just pop it into their Search and it should come up. There are also tons of other stations and lists to browse thru.

Interesting stuff, nice and mellow.
Similar to Pandora, they also have an App which works on iPhone.

I also enjoy Pandora, but if you really want to get a station with a sound that suits you, it requires intense babysitting initially and voting thumbs down or up. Unfortunately, their algorithms tend to throw in everything but the kitchen sink no matter how tangentially related to what you REALLY like.

I finally just gave up trying to refine a station I tried to create which had only Acapella music because it kept trying to toss in instrumentals. It doesn’t understand perfectly self explanatory musical terms, evidently.

Pandora doesn’t allow choosing specific songs, but Fine Tune does. So, if the person has chosen well, you can get some really cool stations based upon you specific likes. Or you can create your own.

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As well as pandora and ,Grooveshark is quite nice. Like fine tune, it allows you to listen to others playlists, make your own, and just play random music relating to that in which you tell it you like.

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my old roommate was a gigantic fan of groovesalad. it’s pretty ambient. if you like that kinda thang then you’d probably enjoy it. i got sick of it fast.

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Echoes is on of my favorite to just chill out to and read at night!

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I checked out that website but it looked as if there’s only a 2 hr. stretch to listen to a time?

Plus, there doesn’t appear to be any free alternatives and the monthly subscription rates are higher than for even Sirius or XM which both offer tons and tons of stations.

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Most of my online streaming is from

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@Buttonstc Yes the 2 hours is it…I get it from 8pm – 10 pm every night on my radio in my area.

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That’s a hefty price to pay for only two hrs. per day.

That’s a bit rich for me. I’m surprised hey can sustain that in light of competition from sattellite radio and all the other free streaming radio sites so easily available.

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@Buttonstc It is free on the air in my area check to see if they have a satellite feed your way.

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