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Does anyone know Latin?

Asked by Patrick_Bateman (747points) March 16th, 2008

I’m wanting to get Sic Vita Est(such is life) tattooed across my left collarbone and i want to make sure thats what it means.

Wikipedia said this was correct but, you know how that goes sometimes.

Thought I’d cast my net into the fluther.

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I by no means claim i’m a professional at Latin, nor did I take classes for it, but I’ve got a decent grasp of latin vocab and structure.

It literally means “thus life is.”, which sounds like what you’re going for. the sentence structure also looks correct.

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I studied Latin long ago, but wouldn’t risk your tattoo’s accuracy on what little I retain. I’ll consult a Latin teacher I know…

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GD Kimble does

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It’s close enough for tattooing. It’s not really idiomatic in Latin, but it’s probably the closest translation you’ll get to what you want.

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@Allie: if you speak two languages, try putting phrases in one language in and translating them into another. That site, like most automated-translation sites, is good enough to get a general sense of the original text, but it’s ridiculously far off a lot of the times. Not a good recipe for something you’re going to have engraved on your body in permanent ink.

On the other hand, if you only speak one language, by all means, carry on, and those of us who can read Latin will try to snicker quietly.

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cwilbur: i speak one fluently but can get by in two others so ill give it a try.

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