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Does anyone know of a really good detox/cleanse kit?

Asked by bellusfemina (816points) June 8th, 2010

I want to do like a 2–3 week cleanse. I would like to do it for health reasons, and also to drop about 10 pounds or so. What do you recommend, and what results did you get?

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I recommend that you do no such thing. It is unnecessary, and may be harmful. Drink water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy some exercise. Don’t fall for a worthless and dangerous scam.

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Who needs a kit? Lemons, pure maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.
But prepare yourself for the aftershock.

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I like Dr. Natura’s cleanse. It’s both gentle and effective, and you don’t have to change what you eat.
Watch out for “graphic” images if you go to the website.

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That stuff is in your body because it’s supposed to be there. If it wasn’t, your body would have its own method for expelling it. If you want to lose 10lbs, 3 weeks of high protein and no more than 10 net carbs a day will have you lose more than 10lbs, if you do it correctly. Much safer than a cleanse, since your body does come equipped with a method for burning fat instead of glucose.

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vote for @dpworkin answer! do the “old fashion” way! Cheaper and safe!

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did you ingest poison? What do you need cleansed?

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So, not too much more to add, but i interestingly enough just received this email the other day, and it seems quite appropriate. It’s a short article written by Canadian dietitians who have been studying detox diets. Oh, and since email is hardly a reliable source, this is through my university’s chemistry department, not a random spam:

“The Real Detox

Wishing you felt more energetic, alert, and refreshed? Have you heard that a detox diet will free your body from built-up waste and make you feel better? In reality, detox and cleansing routines have no proven benefits and could in fact set you back in achieving good health.

The basis for most detox plans is that “toxic” materials collect in the body and have to be cleaned out. What these plans fail to recognize is that the body is able to detox naturally. The liver, kidneys, and lymph system work around the clock to clean the blood. These organs do an excellent job of dealing with waste. Your job is to take care of these helpers by taking good care of yourself.

A typical detox begins with fasting (no food) intended to clean the organs and blood. After the fast, only small amounts of certain types of food are allowed. Entire groups of healthy food are off limits. This makes it impossible for the body to get all the energy and good nutrition it needs. Without enough food, your body’s metabolism – or rate that energy burns – will slow down in an attempt to save the energy it has left. Physical effects of short-term detox include headaches, dizziness, anxiety, and extreme hunger. Long-term or routine detox can make you low in iron (anemic), dehydrated, and malnourished. It is important to eat a variety of nutritious foods to avoid these unpleasant effects.

Along with food restrictions, over-the-counter laxatives are often part of a “detox” or “cleanse”. Laxatives are not appropriate for everyday use and should only be taken for medical reasons. If not used properly for long periods, laxatives can make your body lose too much water and cause permanent damage to your large intestine.

Now for the good news: there is a lifestyle that helps you feel your best without having to go through a dangerous “detox” or “cleanse”. Eat a healthy diet of a variety of food, drink plenty of water, and get regular exercise so you can maintain your body’s natural method of detox. It is also important to find the time to relax and relieve a little stress!

In short, detox and cleansing routines offer no proven benefits to health and may be harmful to your body. Diet, exercise, and stress management are always the safest and best approach to improving your overall health. A registered dietitian is your most reliable source for up-to-date nutrition advice. They can offer suggestions to make healthy life changes. Canada’s Food Guide and Canada’s Activity Guide are great tools to help keep you on track, and can be found online at or at your local public health office. Contact your local healthcare provider to find a dietitian in your area.”

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Drink lots of water, eat fresh, whole foods and try to poop a lot. For the time being, avoid cigarettes, coffee, sodas, and candies (it’s probably best to avoid those things anyway, of course). Consume meats sparingly, and, if you can, stick to lean meat. Consume alcohol sparingly or not at all. Avoid all but the healthiest oils (e.g., olive oil). I think drinking lemon water, as another poster suggested, is not a bad idea. Try to do some moderate cardiovascular exercise – make yourself sweat a bit.

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A consultant who seen me at hospital years ago said Detox was a complete load of nonsense and has no basis in science. Detox sounds scientific but is anything but.
Heed some of the advice mentioned beforehand and give the whole concept of Detox from your mind the boot.

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One cup of dill pickle juice will do it.

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Just eat healthy, and forget about the cleanse idea. Did you mean drop 10 pounds from the cleanse?? Or, that is your overall goal?

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I see alot of interest in this little green master cleanse book. I think that it is a little sketchy.

I think that something has to be said for the biorhythms of our ancestors though. In my humble opinion I think someone should come up with a diet/lifestyle that closely mimicks the last time human beings had a regular diet in prehistory. I think that our bodies are designed to be tested by periods of famine, and that we should try to emulate what we would have experienced in the wild. If such an experience is at all relevant. I don’t know if I’m making any sense. Just a thought.

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if you are trying to pass a drug test for law enforcement, we can tell you are trying to pass a drug test for law enforcement. somebody knows what i am saying.

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if your trying to pass a drug test take some niasin (spelt wrong probably).if not just eat right exercise daily and dont try to kill yourself just trying to get rid of a few puonds.

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