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Have we come to the collective conclusion that world peace is not attainable?

Asked by bob_ (19685points) June 8th, 2010

It has come to my attention that nobody said that world peace would make them happy. What’s up with that?

Is it that we’re selfish and world peace is not really our number one priority, at least not off the top of our heads? Or is it that we know that all the problems and conflicts in the world make peace impossible for all practical purposes? What are your thoughts?

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There will never world peace because there is no world collective mind.
Cultural barriers,language difficulties,and opposing philosophical beliefs and PMS all stand in the way of world peace.
There will always be those who want something for nothing and feel that someone else should be responsible ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s lunacy! Now go make me a sandwi… oooh, I see your point XD

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People can’t be “made” happy.

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@bob_ -I just ate your sandwich…wanna fight about it?? ;))

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“There will always be those who want something for nothing and feel that someone else should be responsible”

So true. And I might add. What one sees as something for nothing is another’s enterprise.

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@ChazMaz -Here’s a sandwich for you!—Ham on whole wheat—lol

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@lucillelucillelucille Honey, please. I’ll have you down like a calf at a rodeo show in no time.

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@lucillelucillelucille O no! I made that sandwich and put laxatives in it!!!

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Homo sum: Humani nil a me alienum puto.

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With or without cheese?

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if people cannot get along with their own family, World peace will never happen! not to mention the “cat fights” on Fluther!

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@bob-Oh bullshit!!LOL

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@Val123 -I make thoise for my mother-in-law all the time! :))

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If we had total world peace, the Dream might end and we’d all disappear.

But as we evolve and get smarter, we can get something very close to complete world peace.
Since the things people fight for are illogical; There’s enough food, water, land and medicine for every person on the planet.

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Hershey’s syrup?!


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World peace will obviously have to wait until after lunch.

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@lucillelucillelucille – What is interesting about that “exercise” is there are plenty of situations where a Ham on whole wheat with Hershey’s syrup (with a splash of laxative) would be a gracious meal.

But eventually we want more and better. Leading to “Haves” and “Have-Nots”.

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Human nature pretty much lends itself to people not changing until they are forced to, drug, kicking and screaming into a new era of being. lol

Ideally, those that are evolving see the need to make changes before the black clouds of doom are hovering, be that on a personal or collective level.

World peace like charity starts at home.

Be the peace you wish to find in the world, and, fear not…there will be world peace when you are dead and out of this dream. hahaha

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Sshh, nobody tell Miss World contestants.It’d blow their fucking minds….which granted isn’t saying much but you get the drift.I take the Swiss point of view, we’re fine the rest of you can peace off.

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“I take the Swiss point of view”

Me too. Life being, hot tubing (in the nude) and cheese. My type of living.

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As much fun as this has been, I’m going to stop following world peace now. It just makes me hungry.

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Yea, what is with that? LOL

Food, the great equalizer.

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Not forgetting cuckoo clocks & yodelling….shit something had to go wrong somewhere.Still there’s always those lovely fat bank accounts.

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‘Hot tubing’ mean ’ hot tubbing?’

Hot tubs do heat up ones tubes. lol

Dude….we are cut from the same cloth…I can’t live without my hot tub and, well, ‘Hi, I am L——-, and I am a cheeseaholic.’ haha

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As long as we buy into the false hologram that is being sold to us (war, strife, struggle, war, strife, struggle), we won’t have world peace.

When we choose to change our minds, one mind at a time, the whole collective mind will shift.

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World Peace is not possible – with the current mind set. It will require an evolutionary change in human psyche before it can be accomplished.

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I agree with @lucillelucillelucille
Ultimately, I’m pretty sure it’s human nature to fuck one another up. I’m just basing that on the fact that mankind’s history mostly seems to revolve around conflict and war. The reasons are numerous, but often relate to the same concept, he started it.
In said case, I agree with @YARNLADY
Ain’t nothing gonna get any better as long as we have the mentalities which we do have. (Although I personally don’t believe this will, or can, ever change.)

The only way we could ever have world peace is if somebody with enough power were to force everyone to get along, and that’s not really ’‘peace’’ is it? Either that, or it will only be peace when everyone I hate is dead type deal.
As long as we keep thinking what’s best for someone else, whether we, subconsciously, actually mean ourselves, I think it’s just a dream.

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…and at first I thought this was going to be a serious disscusion, hahaha.

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philosophically speaking anything is possible and I’m not giving up yet

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I believe that world peace is both possible and necessary to our survival as a species. We need to want it, to believe in it. Have peace colleges instead of war college, e.g. If we invest in war, invest in weapons research and technology, study war, prepare for war, direct our energies into war rather than peace, then war is what we will get. If we invest our time, energy and resources into peace then peace is what we will end up with.

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And somewhere between ramped up chattering extroverts and socially stressed introverts in their mouseholes lies….lots of uncharted territory. lol

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@Coloma and that means…. what?

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World peace is not attainable because, like @YARNLADY alludes to, human nature is conducive to strife. Think about it even it basic terms. You want something from someone who won’t give it to you, and your response is to make them. Your little brother won’t give you back your toy. You ask patiently a couple of times, but he is stubborn. Finally you push him/hit him/ etc. do whatever you can to get it back. It often boils down to force. It’s how we get what we want and how we get people to cooperate.

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@le_inferno I disagree. I do think that human beings may very well be hardwired for conflict and aggression but there is a difference between a bar fight and a war, there is a difference between beating the crap out of someone and a war. Waging war takes planning, logistic, it consists of making a series of conscious choices to wage war that other spontaneous acts of aggression do not require.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that world peace is attainable by 2050.

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@mattbrowne How so? And why until then?

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A projection of the peace ratio per capita. Compare 6.8 in 2010 with 2.4 billion in 1942. And the number of people affected by wars plus death toll. North Americans, South Americans, Europeans, large numbers of Africans, large numbers of Asians live in peace today.


with 1942.

Then project to 2050. Assuming progress continues.

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@bob just because mattbrowne knows everything he does! :-)

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@le_inferno , I think you are describing human ego, more than human nature. And the human ego can be suppressed with empathy, logic, meditation, prayer, evolution, or drugs.

The chain of logic that leads to selfish behavior was accurately described by you, and many people do live by that, and its why we still use locks, police and armies. But that is only the present, and it’s not a reflection of our inherent way of being.

There is enough land, food, water, and medicine for every human on the planet. Once people figure out how to share these resources without petty clinging arguments to capitalism or socialism or whatever… then world peace will be relatively easy to attain. Once people realize that if they resist their inner predatory selfishness, they enter into a silent contract that encourages others to also resist predatory selfishness. The gain from this collective realization is far greater than any loss incurred through the resistance to dishonesty and stealing.

The intelligent people who exist now already behave, as if world peace is here, because it’s logical to do so. Eventually through time and evolution, (the 100th monkey) that logic will catch on to most everyone else.

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Peace, no.

Harmony, yes.

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