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Is your home decor deliberate?

Asked by Val123 (12668points) June 8th, 2010

If home decor is important to you, do you actively go out looking for the perfect “thing” that will compliment some other “thing” you have, or do you just wander along and accidentally find something you just love and it just happens to fit in with all your other stuff? That’s what I do…

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Come on you guys!!! WAKE UP!!! I gotta go to work in a bit and won’t be able to talk to you for the rest of the day!!

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Oh yea.

Sort of a cross between minimalist and 10th grade science project.

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LOL!! Gotta picture @ChazMaz?

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Think low profile modern furniture. Nothing hanging on the walls. (have not found anything worthy to hang) Wide Screen CRT Television. BlueRay DVD, Xbox.

High Power Rockets in the corners. And R/C helicopters all over the place. Guitar to one side laptop on the other. ALWAYS a pair socks in the middle of the room. ;-)

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That is beautiful @lucillelucillelucille!! But….o the cleaning involved! It’s so big. I want something like that only on a much smaller scale.

ROFL @ChazMaz!! I love it!

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Type faster Cruiser! I gotta go!

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Up till recently anything breakable has been broken and replaced with a more durable less desirable item because of having children. Now that they are growing up and less destructive I am slowly putting in place nice art pieces that don’t match the couch! ;)

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@Cruiser Oh yes! I remember “children in the house decor!” I had NOTHING on the tables, and everything at their level was safe. They were free to empty out the pots and pan drawers, free to do almost anything. I figured it was their house too!

I have lots more “stuff” now.

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lmao… Someone slap Chaz…you do it Val!

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@Val123 -Just have your maid Bruno clean for you! Yes,a much smaller scale would be perfect.Greene and Greene are my favorite architects.Yes,I have a favorite.LOL
@Cruiser-Yes.No matching the couch with your art unless you mount a loveseat to the wall.LOL

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Absolutely – but our “look” is getting old.

We put a lot of effort into decorating and choosing furniture about ten years ago with the intent of updating every few years. Then we went through a few years of unemployment and it’s priority level sunk to the very bottom of the list.

Now we’re all working again and back on track playing catch up. Maybe in a year or so we’ll replace some worn-out furniture and redecorate a bit.

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just don’t understand why i can’t always be serious about this stuff..must be the dang coffee!

Back to the question…ok..since i got the house and all the furniture from the famous divorce of “yester-year,” everything here is matching…if you don’t believe it, will give you the receipts…and my bank statement to prove it!

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Oh yeah. I’m addicted to the store Michael’s. I’m pretty amazing with floral arrangements, too. ;)

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@BoBo1946 I ain’t slappin @ChazMaz! He got grenade launchers in the corners!!

My furniture just happens to me too… the beautiful antique dresser I picked up just last Saturday at auction. Not to mention my mystery Etheopia Shaker Spinners Table.

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@Val123 be very careful…

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original art…..plenty of plants and instruments. earthy ski cabin feel.

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question: I’ve a possible antique coffee table that folds up on all four sides…what is the name for that type of coffee table? Did know..forgot!

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@jazmina88 Nice! I have original oils and water colors, courtesy of my Mom. Huge plants that are older than my kids (oldest is 30.) Srsly, if there was a fire I wouldn’t know who to save first!

@BoBo1946 Bet stranger in a strange land could help you….. if janbb jumps in don’t believe a word she says!!

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No. I have absolutely zero capability or eye for such things. That’s 100% honest, no shame in admitting I have no talent in this area because I have talent in other areas. When moving to a new place, I completely rely on my friends to tell where to put pieces of furniture, artwork, or whatever. It’s amazing to me that they have an eye for where to put things.. I mean, I recognize afterward what a difference it makes, but I, myself, cannot visualize the difference until I literally see it in front of me. I love my friends. :)

If I were left to my own devices, I would have the most random collection of things placed in the most random places, no rhyme or reason. I truly do not have whatever ability this is and am grateful that others do! Otherwise, I’d live in some weird, cluttered museum of belongings.

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@Val123 thank you Val…

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@MissAnthrope me either…my ex. had real talent with other talents not mentionable!

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@BoBo1946 Don’t believe a word @Val123 says about not believing a word I say. I am the expert on everything but reality on which @dpworkin is the expert.

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@janbb loll… got’cha my friend!

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My home decor is very deliberate. I spent years and scads of money looking for “just the right things”.

Then one day I got sick of cleaning around all of it and realized that what I loved the best was wide open spaces and zero knick-knacks. So I ditched it all and love the result.

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What is a scad? ;-)

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@ChazMaz – A scad is more than a buttload and less than a metric fuck ton. :)

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My mom is in charge of that, and yeah, it’s deliberate. But she’ll change a “theme” every now and then either for a specific room or a larger part of the house (it can’t really be said that the whole house has one theme).

The only part I control is my room and it’s somewhat random in terms of decoration, but I avoid obvious clashes. :)

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I have an eclectic sense of style. None of my furniture matches, none of my knick knacks match. If I see something I like, I buy it. I guess everything does fit in, because nothing matches.

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I just…collect things and they pile up. Most of it is horror movie stuff I find. Figurines, posters, movie frames, shit like that. It wasn’t really intentional, but in the past five years it did give my apartment a distinct look.

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Yes, when ever I see something that I like and I need, I get it. I didn’t sit down and plan it all out, but I always have a sense in my head of how it should look.

About four years ago, we did a complete house make over. I gave away nearly everything I owned, and have gradually been replacing it, piece by piece. I had the entire house repainted, and it was really fun choosing the custom colors for the walls and trims. I made curtains to go with each room.

We had the kitchen and the bathrooms entirely re done. Things you never even think of kept coming up, like what kind of new door handles, and should they match the hinges, and what about the bedroom light fixtures. I got to choose all new switch plate covers. I love bargains, so when I saw some on the sale rack at the home improvement store, it was like finding treasure. I got some decorator tiles for the bathroom the same way.

I could write a lot more about the ways I customized the house. It was great fun.

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There ya go @knitfroggy! Me toos!

Oh yeah, @BoBo1946….hey! @janbb BoBo sz ” I’ve a possible antique coffee table that folds up on all four sides…what is the name for that type of coffee table? Did know..forgot!” So what do you think it is??? Hmmmmm??

@MissAnthrope Yes…I have one friend in particular who’s like that! I’d just let her have at it! But, over time, it’d fall back into the casual, “Hey! That one thing is cool!” style of mine. I learned a lot from her, though. And my mom. But…I don’t care what anyone says, I still like the colors purple and green together!!

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@BoBo1946 It’s a folding leaf or drop leaf table.

Our home decor is pretty much planned. A lot of the freestanding furniture is Shaker, some of it bought 50–80 years ago by my grandparents when nobody thought it was worth anything. To eliminate clutter, there are a lot of built-ins a la Shaker, Frank Lloyd Wright and Gustav Stickley. The kitchen is strictly utilitarian, stainless and tile commercial look. I’m such a neat freak that my bedroom looks like a monks cell, sans religious trappings (portrait of Meg replaces BVM etc).

All of the interior design is a product of Meghan’s impeccable taste.

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No, my decor is a jumble of things I’ve picked up over the years. Somehow, it all works.

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@BoBo1946 There you are. Been looking for you. Should’ve known I’d find you lurking in the Home Decor questions.

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@zenele lmao…........well, everyone has to be somewhere!

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land it is a small table…probably 3 or 4 ft long and approx 2½ feet wide. It folds up on each side approx 8 inches or so. The table is oval shaped. Will take a picture of the table and show it too you..

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:) I knew @stranger_in_a_strange_land would know!
Your home sounds positively DE-VINE @stranger_in_a_strange_land!!!

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