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What do you think is most threatening to life on earth?

Asked by topserb96 (131points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone

out of these and why: super volcano, plague type disease, global warming, robots exterminate humans, or asteroid hitting earth.

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Humans will eventually over populate the earth and crowd out all other creatures. We will dry up all resources and finally have wars over fresh water. The end.

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1) Humans,
2) Super Volcano,
3) Plague

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Were like a mold that keeps spreading and eventually will die when there is nothing else to consume.

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Global warming.

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Global warming is a by-product of humans though.

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good point, Patrick_Bateman

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Noone concerned about robots? I believe the estimate is within 50 years till computers and robots will be smarter than humans and able to realize they don’t need us and can exterminate us. However its not a matter of if one of these ways will end us, but when! I find that kinda scary because this is most likely to happen in my lifetime.

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Humans may be the threat but they also may have the answers on how to enhance life on earth so it is a two edged sword. Once we stop looking for the place to lay blame and start looking for answers, then we will progress far beyond what we can see today and live in harmony with this planet. We can also do it and live prosperously and abundantly as well as they are not exclusive to living in harmony with earth.

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Global warming is by far the most realistic, and just about as dangerous as any of the others listed.

If the planet shifts temperatures by just 5 degrees you’ll see mass global extinction for alot of life on “space ship Earth”.

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the American neo-conservative party

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Mrs. Clinton in the white house

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comets and meteors. If you think about how many times our neighbor planets have been smacked with giant hunks of rock, we could easily be hit by one at any time. Kind of scary…

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Our Atmosphere Protects us from the Big ‘ol comets and Meteors

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Isn’t there one on track to hit us in 2036? I doubt our atmosphere can protect us from a rock the size of NYC. Right?

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Wow that’s a big freaking rock. hopefully they can blow it up with some nuclear missiles or something

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well that would actually be worse for us =>(

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wouldn’t the missile break the meteorite into small pieces so the atmosphere can break them up when they fall to earth??

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From what I understand, a rock that big will b broken into smaller pieces, but there will still b pieces large enough to make it thru the atmosphere n hit earth. N when these hit there will b title waves a mile high. It will be like 20 times worse than that last sunami in Indonesia. I believe the best way to save earth from this collision would b to send a spaceship into space n use its gravitational pull to pull the rock off its orbit just enough that by 2036 it will miss earth completely.

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wow. But you never know I suppose

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“Global warming”, because it is a symbol referring to human abuse of the planet.
“Robots exterminate humans” would save life from humans, so that’s a negative risk.

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Humans! Definitely!
Check out this:

Still thinking about something else?

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Humans, specially politicians.

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