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Whom would you include in your fantasy all-star band?

Asked by dpworkin (27045points) June 8th, 2010

You pick the genre, but let’s say, no larger than a sextet. A vocalist, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums, keyboard (as one example.)

Artists can be living or dead, and from any era. Let’s make a kickass band. I’m starting with “Philly” Joe Jones on drums, and Billie Holiday as the vocalist.

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Howlin Wolf- vocals.Stevie Ray Vaughan-guitar,Willie Dixon-Bass,Little Walter-harmonica,Keith Moon-drums:)And me-in the audience screaming like a schoolgirl:))
I like your pick of vocalist-here’s my favorite of her’s

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I’d have to go with Ringo Starr on drums (not necessarily because he’s the most talented drummer, but because he’s tight), Liam Howlett (of The Prodigy) on keyboards, Mark Knopfler on guitar, and Sage Francis as vocals/freestyle rap.

It would be such a cacophony, but who cares. I’d just be interested to see Ringo Starr and Mark Knopfler in a rap/electronic group.

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Vocalist – Taylor Dayne or Roland Orzabal
Lead guitar – Jimmy Page
Rhythm guitar – Dominic Miller
Bass Gutar – Aston Barrett
Drums – John Henry Bonham
Keyboard – Billy Joel

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Drums – Rick Woolstenhulme Jr
Backup Vocals – Roy Orbison

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Vocalist: Miriam Makeba
Guitar: Django Reinhardt
Drums: Babatunde Olatunji
Keyboard: Count Basie
Bass: Charlie Mingus

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Vocalist : Bono
Lead guitar : The Edge
Rhythm guitar : Jimi Hendrix
Piano : Reg Dwight
Drums : Animal from The Muppets, well it’s my fantasy so there.

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Vocalist: Joan Armatrading, alternating with Tracy Chapman
Guitar: Mississippi John Hurt, alternating with Mark Knopfler
Keyboard: Chico Marx
Harpist: Harpo
Drums: Ginger Baker

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Or there is just the Travelling Willburys….

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Janis Joplin on vocals
Jimi Hendrix on rhythm guitar
Stevie Ray Vaughn on lead guitar
Flea on bass
Neil Peart on drums

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OK, maybe this is a little far out, but bear with me:

What about Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Brian Jones, Ian Stewart and Bill Wyman. Now, that would be a pretty cool band.

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Aw – they’re just a bunch of skinny white old men (except fo the dead one)......

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Bo Didley, Chuck Berry,Elvis, the Staple Singers, Little Walter, Jerry Lee Lewis, and yours truly on drums. what a combo!

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Mickey Avalon on lead vocals, Slash (axe), Ben Folds (piano/songwriter), Melissa Auf der Maur (bass), Jack White (music & lyrics), Bobby Darin (backing vocals), Jen Brown (high school buddy on drums). :( I want a bigger band.

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I’d put Crystal Bowersox and Adam Lambert as my frontpeople; Clapton and Knofler on guitars, Keith Moon on drums and sting on bass and backing vocals (ego in check – I’m da boss, right?)

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@ubersiren I know who Melissa is. :-)

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Drums: Carter Beauford
Bass: Michael “Flea” Balzary
Rhythm Guitar: Noel Gallagher (and backup vocals)
Lead Guitar: Matt Bellamy (and backup vocals)
Vocals: John Lennon (and assorted rhythm)
Vocals: Liam Gallagher

The limit was 6, but I would still be in the band.

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Drums: Max Roach
Bass: Charles Mingus
Piano: Thelonious Monk
Guitar: Wes Montgomery
Trumpet/Vocals/Jute Harp/Auxiliary Percussion: Dizzy Gillespie
Tenor Saxophone: Sonny Rollins


Keys/Vocals/Harmonica: Stevie Wonder
Bass: Abraham Laboriel
Guitar: Carlos Santana
Guitar: Jimmy Hendrix
Drums: Buddy Rich
Auxiliary Percussion: Tito Puente

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Ooh, @AustieZ, I like the way you think.

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Why, thank you, @dpworkin.

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Vocals – Lana Lane
Guitar – Terry Kath
Drums – Bill Bruford
Keyboards – Rick Wakeman

I’ll get back to you on the rest of the ensemble…

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Night 1 – “Venn Gray”
Vocals: Howard Jones
Guitar: Andy Timmons
Bass: Geezer Butler
Drums: Flo Mounier

Opening act: Pig Destroyer
Night 2 – “Big Medicine”
Vocals: Maynard James Keenan
Guitar: Paul Gilbert
Bass: Ryan Martinie
Drums: Tomas Haake

Opening act: The Melvins

And Special Appearance By
John Williams

The venue would be at The Troubadour, have Arrogant Bastard on tap, and In-N-Out burger catering, while staying at the Riot House (penthouse).

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Vocalist – Me.
Drums – Gene Krupa (or Yuval Gabay from Soul Coughing)
Lead Guitar – Jimmy Page (or Steve Cropper)
Rhythm Guitar – Roger McGuinn
Bass – Sebastian Steinberg from Soul Coughing (or Gary “Mani” Mounfield from The Stone Roses)
Keys – Billy Preston

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Vocals: Gerard Way
Vocals & Piano: Amy Lee
Guitar: Billie Joe Armstrong
Bass: Paul Gray
Drums: Lars Ulrich

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