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Does fast food really shorten your life?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) June 8th, 2010

My mom and I were very unhealthy, meaning we went out to eat at Mcdonalds alot, but we made lots of changes. (Now we’re much healthier than before) But as i was making these bad desicions when i was younger I always heard that fast food shortens your life and kills your brain cells.

My question is Does fast food killy you a little, I know its not the healthiest food for sure but, is that true?

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I’d say so; yes.

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Fast track to cardiac city, tickets please.

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Fast food…. fatty food can only do you harm. For sure it is going to harm you.

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Absolutely it does, yes. Cholesterol-in-a-bun.

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I’d say so. In fact, anything fast probably isn’t good for your health. Think in terms of balance in all things. It’s wonderful that you’re searching for answers…and restructuring your life.

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Yes it does. Now pass me those fries.

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Yep, and to up the ante for maximum odds of sure death it is best to eat that fast food while driving and babbling on your cell phone with ones Whopper slopping it’s contents all over your lap and distracting you from the mundane task of driving.

Preferably while following a school bus or big rig with windows down deeply inhaling the exhaust while a stream of grease runs down your chin. lololol

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I died 6 years ago eating a Whopper!

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Well shit…you mean to tell us that you are dead and not tell us what it’s like in the afterlife? lol

I guess to get there extra quick go for the supersize. lol

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lmao…..................... @Coloma well, i just be shit too!

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Fast food can kill brain cells, but it’s not like every time you eat at McDo you’ll lose a few. It doesn’t work that way.

The terms you’re using are a bit too simple. Your body is a complex machine, and anything you eat has complicated effects on it that never just boil down to taking one day off your life span or lowering your agility with -5 points.

Fast food contains a lot of saturated fat. Saturated fat is not bad in itself, your body needs it just like any nutrient, but the problem is that there’s way too much of it in fast food, much more than your body needs.
Eating too much saturated fat raises your cholesterol levels, which causes your vein walls to become less flexible, which can leads to clogged up arteries and result in a heart attack or stroke. Strokes kill brain cells (the brain cells get no blood, so they starve) and leave you seriously mentally handicapped. Heart attacks can kill the entire person.

So yes, your life span can be shortened by eating too much fast food, in the sense that the fast food itself can kill you.

But I also think that if you change your life style now, if you’ve started eating healthy and working out and everything, then the effects of all the fastfood you’ve eaten until now will be undone.

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@Fyrius oh my gosh..(I don’t think fast food can kill brain cells.) sure hope not, i’m in real trouble if so…

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Fast food = FF

Fat fannies!

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Edited… on second thought, yes it can, via a stroke.

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It all depends on how much fast food you consume and other characteristics about your lifestyle. However, if you consume a lot of fast food and don’t take care of yourself, in general, you bet it’ll shorten your life by killing your heart and other organs, not just your brain. You can’t change how you ate in the past, it is good that you’re eating better.

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I’m doubting it.

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Believe me, we have enough brain cells to recover from some abuse. It won’t shorten your life once you reverse the trend. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, avoid soda and most juices, walk at least on mile every day or the equivalent, and get enough sleep (varies per person).

One thing I don’t understand about so called Fast Food – what could be faster than buying an apple or peach and eating it? Add in a few carrots, some celery and some almonds and you have an actual meal. What could be faster?

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In addition to @YARNLADY‘s splendid general advice, if you want to specifically counteract high cholesterol, you need omega 3 fatty acids (which you can most conveniently get from oily fish), and do cardio exercise, like running. And lay off the greasy junk, naturally.

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In many cases, yes.

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I feel it will shorten ..

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Well….today was a Taco Bell day, too wiped out on my way home to make anything.
Of course I burned off about 8000 calories working all weekend in my very active job, so….bring on the taco supremes! lol

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Only is you choose the most physically dangerous foods available at the local “fast food” joint and eat them exclusively.

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Yes it does, because it damages your body because of the unhealthy cooking methods and ingredients.

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