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How do babies know when not to produce faecal matter?

Asked by Jello (39points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Is there a hormone that tells the foetus it has been born, so therefore it can now excrete?

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it is called the Umbilical cord EVERYTHING goes in and out of your body through that until your born.

Did you think the fecal matter was just stored up until you were born and then you dropped a gigantic bowel movement?

(it’s called your belly button in layman’s terms.)

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no I know that, but how does the foetus know not to excrete, but to let the material exit from the umbillical cord?

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Your intestines,bladder,etc. aren’t activated until the Umbilical cord is severed.

Until then it’s a straight shot to your stomach and then back towards your mother’s bowels.

Once severed your body shifts it’s functions toward the intestines,bladder,etc.

the human body is a strange and complex piece of work.

(in the rare cases where there is excretion before birth it is called meconium)

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meconium is the name given to the first stool a baby produces. its made up of the stuff baby ingests while its in the uterus. although it can be passed before baby is born it is normally passed after birth.

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@Patrick Bateman I was one of those rare cases ^_^ left my mom a nice present for birthing me and all.

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Thanks guys

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