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If you were to have pests in your home, which would be some of the worst kind for you?

Asked by ucme (50031points) June 8th, 2010

A : Wasps
B : Mice/Rats
C : Spiders
D : Jehova’s Witnesses
E : Sarah Palin
F : None of the above, well what then?

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Monks. I had a monk infestation at my old apartment once. It was horrible. They repent all over the place, and the neighbors complained constantly about the chanting. The worst part is that the only way to get rid of them is to cover your place in garish amounts of bling.

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Roaches. Just thinking about it makes me sick.

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Black Widow, Brown Recluse or Hobo Spiders

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Leeches. I had a run in with leeches in Laos, and I’ll never be the same.<shudder>

@eden2eve While I have a black widow female in my front yard that I enjoy watching, I will admit that I would not like them in my home.

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Mary Lynn the crazy neighbor across the street! I have tried every repellent in the book and no luck!

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I had them some fifteen years ago when i took two kittens in my house.
There were hundreds or thousands and it really drove me nuts, to the point that i wanted to jump from my 9th floor to 0th.
I sprayed and vacuumed, sprayed and vacuumed,sprayed and vacuumed.
Until finally i beat the bastards!
So it is F: Fleas.

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A herd of wildebeests would be a nuisance.

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centipedes There is no reason for these creatures to be alive. I hate them with a vengence. I had them in the very first apartment I lived in (what did I expect for $75.00 a month) and if I knew one was in the apartment, I didn’t go to sleep until I had killed it or sucked it up in the sweeper.

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All of the above

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Or as the locals in Kenya affectionately call them, lionyfoodicus. That’s all they do, eat grass, sleep, shit, make baby beesties & serve as a main course for the lion community.What a miserable existence.Spare a thought for those anorexic cows, nuisance? Pah.

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@ucme-I’ll send some right over!

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Nom nom, a nice bit of rump for dinner.

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Maggots. I hate those things. They make me sick to no end. I’d let them have my apartment. That, and anime fans.

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Anything with slack bowels and sharp teeth.

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We occasionally have roof rats in the cellar. They scratch at the walls at night, so there is no sleeping. My son was getting so angry about it, he hit the wall. I had to explain to him that if he put a hole in the wall, the rats would be able to come in.
If they were in the living area, I would not live in this house.

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Fucking spiders. I hate spiders. Also, hippos and lambchops.

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Bedbugs. They bite you in your sleep and multiply like crazy in your furniture. My super was just telling me about this last week. Where I live has two buildings as part of a complex. A lady in the other building refused to tell anyone on staff that she had bedbugs.

Our super only found out when he had to fix something in her flat, and came upon an infestation of the fuckers in her flat, concentrated in her bedroom. She had been too “embarrassed” to tell anyone. In consequence, not only did everything in her place have to be destroyed, but also five of her neighbors had to get rid of everything they owned, and were getting bites and so on. For months, they’d been calling in the exterminators and wondering why the problem wasn’t solved. They all sued her. I think the cases are still in court., though how they’re going to get money out of a retired teacher is beyond my ken.

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When I first left my parents house, I moved into an apartment in a poor area.
I called my sister, and asked her for advice, since I found there were cockroaches in my kitchen.
Her advice? “Don’t sleep with your mouth open.”
All that summer, I had insomnia. I often wonder if she caused that.

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Totally agree with bedbugs. I went to the doctor because I thought I had an allergic reaction and it turns out all the “hives” were bites! I was mortified.
In that same Boston apartment I had a RAT in my closet. Not cute little mouse, but a full grown city rat. Needless to say, I was thrilled to move back to the suburbs.

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